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Hello Texas


Bug and I took a spontaneous trip to Texas this last Wednesday. We just up-in-a-flurry got on a plane and flew off to my good friend OMSH’s for some good old-fashioned Texas-style TLC. It’s very green and peaceful here.

the deer are thick curly horse

When we arrived after our two-hour drive from the airport and pulled into OMSH’s driveway, Bug said with her eyes popping out of her head, “It looks like you live in a forest!” We’ve never really seen green spaces like this outside of camping. I assured Bug that there were no “big bad wolfs” but there are plenty of deer. Every morning we watch families of mother and baby deer make their rounds through OMSH’s backyard. It’s like she lives at the Wild Animal Park except there are no buses full of people driving by.

omsh in her school room portal to another world

Since this was a last-minute trip and we sort of sprung ourselves on OMSH with very little warning, we’re trying really hard not to disrupt her normal routine of homeschooling. It’s fascinating to watch them in action. I love her schoolroom.

shelves of learning

It’s so bright and cheery everywhere. It makes me want to pull up a chair, open up my laptop and work work work.

school room stinky Jack

So yesterday I did. I got more work done in one day than I have in the last month. It was amazing. OMSH let her young son Kenny sneak out of some of his lessons so he could keep Bug occupied playing for hours and hours. Bug has been in heaven. All these kids to play with! She’s going to cry real tears when we have to go home.

Kenny's room

Meredith's room curly branches

They made a massive tent in Meredith’s room (which is ALL PINK, much to Bug’s delight) and played some complicated counting dart game that I have no idea what the rules were. There have been Legos, puzzles, coloring, chasing the dogs and then outside playtime of course.


Thank you Texas, you’re just what we needed.

* * *

In other news I have another Share Your Story post up on my review blog. Please head on over and comment! I’ve got to give that $100 to somebody. It might as well be you!


  • OMSH

    I LOVE my schoolroom too and it has been EXCELLENT to work WITH you and not just IM as we work! HA!

    Happy to have you and Bug here – stay as long as you like!

  • a chris

    What jet-setters you and Bug are! Fantastic!

    I have to join in on this “awesome schoolroom” thing. Wow. The light! The lights! The table! The shellllvvvves! (And what looks like many tiny Really Useful Boxes for storing tiny items.)

  • DeeJay

    Hey hey now! I am just a stone’s throw over the Red River if you are still needing some away time!!!! Oh how I’d love for you guys to visit here, too. ; ) Love up Texas! I sure do.

  • Miss Virginia

    I LOVE her schoolroom!!! She (and you) are so creative, talented and organized. Please tell me where she got that pink office chair….I MUST have it…maybe it will inspire me to be like you guys.

  • Daisy

    We are in Texas too! You didn’t actually say where you guys were but looking at the map picture we are a lot more south. If you ever find yourself in San Antonio I am sure Lily would love to play with Bug!

  • Mrs. Wilson

    Looks like a pretty amazing place. Deer in the backyard? I’d pull up a chair and watch it every single morning. And her school room IS amazing!

    I hope you have a refreshing and relaxing time there!

  • gingermog

    Dear in the backyard? i love the idea of having dear daintily stepping around my garden while I ate breakfast. Also I’m muchly impressed with the neatness and organization of this lovely house which is full of kids as well. We are on an organization-let-get-everything-sorted out-we’ve been-here-three-years-I’m-tired -of-piles-of-stuff-everywhere-drive at Casa de Ginger.