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2010 SAJ Valentines!


I have new Valentines for you!

So here’s the thing: my printer broke! Stupid printers, man. I can’t even print out my own valentines! (So if they act funny on the edges because I didn’t mask the shadow well enough, just let me know. I’ll fix them.)

These valentines are FREE but if you really like them and you find yourself printing them out by the dozens, you could drop a buck into my Brenda Needs a Printer Fund by clicking on the great big sad button below. No pressure though. I’m cheap all the time myself and I probably wouldn’t donate to me if I were somebody else. And NO big donations, please. I just want to buy a cheap printer. A buck for every twelve printouts would make my day.

Maybe you’re not diggin’ the new pastel palette. In that case I still have last year’s uber-bright ones available. Happy Printing!


  • anne

    Love these! I need to find a printer myself. Let me know what you pick up. :)

    I also need to make some garlands this week for my little bug’s birthday party coming up. Unfortunately, I don’t have a serger, so it might take a while to do the edges unless I want to hem them all. We’ll see about that!

  • BeachMama

    Brenda you are always so sweet and generous with your fabulous illos. Hopefully enough bucks will be dropped in your piggy bank, it just wouldn’t be right for you not to have a printer!

  • JennyC

    Brenda, you’re so very talented … thanks for sharing! These are too cute & I can’t wait to print them out myself. Do you mind if I link back to your blog & borrow your thumbnail? Thanks as always for sharing your illos!

  • Cristin

    Yeah!!!!! I just came over to see if you were thinking Valentines yet! And I get this fun surprise – cute, cute valentines! Thank you for sharing your time & talents!

  • Kuky

    I was planning to make some but I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to it. Now I don’t need to, so there won’t be any pressure on me. Thank you! :)

  • Madge

    Clarabelle loved last year’s and I think she’s going to love to share this year’s at school again. I’ll be sure to drop some money in your fund, I have a special plan for Valentine’s Day this year and need some Valentine’s too!

  • WarsawMommy

    Oh, they’re GREAT!! I’ll print them off and send my son to playschool with a bunch. Valentine’s Day is still a very new concept here in Poland, but I will do my part for the Heart Cause… including purchasing a big old box of chocolates ;) Thanks, Secret Agent Josephine!

  • Kate @ Our Best Bites

    L-O-V-E!!!! Last year’s were such a hit in my son’s preschool class that I haven’t been able to wait to see what you’d do this year! :)

    I actually had ours printed out at Office Depot on glossy cardstock for, like, .80 a piece and they looked amazing. So that’s the route I’m going this year because I currently have a very poor excuse for a printer… :)

  • Stacy of KSW

    These cards were soo stinkin cute, I just had to share them with EVERYONE I know. I love the idea of having them printed on glossy cardstock like a commenter suggested above – I’m thankful to know I have my Valentines cards already taken care of this year :) Good Luck with the printer …

  • Tammy

    Thank you so much. We forgot to buy any valentines for the party. So we printed them off at lunch. It worked out great and these are so so cute!

  • Julie

    Thank you so much! My son is putting googly eyes on the version from last year right now. The robot is his favorite. They look great!