2010 SAJ Valentines!


I have new Valentines for you!

So here’s the thing: my printer broke! Stupid printers, man. I can’t even print out my own valentines! (So if they act funny on the edges because I didn’t mask the shadow well enough, just let me know. I’ll fix them.)

These valentines are FREE but if you really like them and you find yourself printing them out by the dozens, you could drop a buck into my Brenda Needs a Printer Fund by clicking on the great big sad button below. No pressure though. I’m cheap all the time myself and I probably wouldn’t donate to me if I were somebody else. And NO big donations, please. I just want to buy a cheap printer. A buck for every twelve printouts would make my day.

Maybe you’re not diggin’ the new pastel palette. In that case I still have last year’s uber-bright ones available. Happy Printing!