Operation Quilt: Day 1

vintage fabric

I’m not feeling very confident about it but I have decided upon my latest challenge for this last week of house sitting. I will attempt to make a quilt.

A quilt!

Lots of artsty fartsy people make quilts. Surely this is something I can do, right? If I can cover a couch and make collage postcards then I should be able to pull this off…in theory. I’m not setting my goal high. I just want to assemble some fabric into something that could be used as a cover on a cold night. Something cozy and homey.

I’m a little worried. This quilt might turn out to be a total flop because I am not a perfectionist and lining up corners seems way too laborious to be fun. I don’t necessarily want to make a crazy quilt but I admit that might suit my personality better than anything orderly. We’ll see. So far all I’ve done is gather all my vintage fabric together and wash it.

Lily prefers the warmer tones

I thought I wanted to add some new fabrics to my collection to spice up the color palette but actually visiting the fabric store with my “intense” (that’s what someone called her the other day) three-year-old turned out to be more daunting than actually sewing. So I’ve decided to just use what I have and mix in off-white muslin. I think it might be pretty.

a plan?

I really wish my mom was here to help me but she’s tied up doing other things. Maybe you guys could cheer me on. I can do this, right?