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Whoorlpalooza and Cupcakes!

Baby Bug and I have been hanging with Whoorl and Anders lately. The first day she needed company to run errands (’cause you can’t just leave your baby in the car while you run in and return your hospital breast pump) and the second day we walked the mall backwards and forwards while about 100 real estate agents threw an open house in her home! Her landlord is selling her house right out from underneath her. Talk about stress for a brand new parent. First you have the worry of where you are going to live next and then you find out you can’t even go home for four hours straight. Not exactly what you want to deal with when you’re still trying to figure out the hang of being a parent. Poor Whoorl, it’s been a little scary for her.

In our bumbling way, Baby Bug and I are doing our best to help make Whoorl feel better. I don’t know if it’s really working since we are walking germ circuses but still at least we can offer some friendly conversation and blow smiley raspberries at her.

What do you do when you get kicked out of your comfort zone? You eat comfort food of course! We went to Whoorl’s favorite cupcake store, Sprinkles. Actually, it was completely her idea. I didn’t even know this place existed. But if I had, I totally would have taken her there. It is soooo cool. Only a perfectionist like Whoorl would truly appreciate the art that is a cupcake from Sprinkles.

Why would anyone would pay $3.75 for a cupcake? Because it’s all about design. Every detail from the boxes they pack the perfectly round cupcakes in, to the lightly tinted whipped icing and little belly button top decoration, to the bamboo wooden forks you eat with… everything is thought out and a thing of beauty. Not to mention yummy!

We took our cupcakes to Whoorl’s house to eat them. While Whoorl fed Ander’s, Baby Bug and I hung out in her living room and took some stealth pictures of her groovy house.

How cool is Whoorl’s house? It’s like a shrine to good design. This is just the tip of the ice berg. I would have way more pictures but at the time I didn’t have Whoorl’s permission to be taking pictures and I felt kind of bad being a spy. But how can you not take pictures in a house this cool when you have a spy camera and you are just sitting there waiting around? A secret agent’s gotta do what a secret agent’s gotta do. Of course now I do have her permission to post them, so all’s fine and dandy. Just wait until next time I go over there. I’ll be taking a picture of every nook and cranny. I love her house. If I had a couple million dollars, I’d buy it.

And now because I’m cruel, I’ll finish this post up with a virtual cupcake for you to eat. It’s dark chocolate. Eat up!


  • Lauren

    burbank has a cupcake store not too far from me .. it’s right next door to a place where you go and premake all your dinners for the week and on the other side is a yoga studio ..

    i have a whole afternoon planned for that little corner.

  • JustMe

    Those cupcakes made me hungry…. They look scrumptious!!!!!!!

    PS. SAJ, are you going to write a post about where you sleep and how the 70s crib worked out or not?

  • Jennifer

    I could NOT imagine having to leave my house for long periods of time so that it can be taken away from me. So sad :( And look how pretty her home is too, *sigh*

    At least there are cupcakes though. I heard about Sprinkles but for some reason I didn’t know there were here. Hmmm, I’m down to one portable baby and have a free day ahead of me. This has some possibilities…

  • josephine

    You might have guessed there’s a reason I haven’t blogged about the 70’s crib and where I am sleeping. Maybe because I am EMBARRASSED to admit that I am STILL sleeping on the floor because you all FREAKED ME OUT about the 70’s crib and her SUFFOCATING!!!!!

  • my 2 cents

    Oh, her house is perfectly adorable! I love it!! And that is cruel to post a virtual cupcake like that. I nearly crawled through the screen just to eat it. It looks delicious!!

  • JustMe

    OMG SAJ I’m sorry on behalf of all the people who gave you advice and scared you away from the crib!! You got some good and but mostly terrible advise on that…. I guess there is an up and down side to having a blog where all the moms give you advise…. and all moms’ paranoia coming out is one of the down sides.
    I’m sure you’ll figure out the best arrangement…. and if you knew in person your readers, I bet you all of us have some “baby secrets” we’d feel embarassed for everyone to know about…. Maybe we should have a post where everyone lists their little embarassing secrets?
    Ok so I have not slept in bed more then 5 times since my baby was born 6 months ago…. Luckily to my baby monitor with a screen allows me to view her on the screen when she is sleeping so I just sleep wherever it is located, usually on the couch… I think my husband may start minding soon, but sometimes he just crashes with me on the other couch. I keep telling myself it’s “temporary” and I could actually unplug the monitor and move it to my bedroom every night, but I usually fall asleep before I have enough mind power and energy to do so.
    Sleep tight and don’t let the fleas bite!

  • Ariel

    oh my god, what a cruel, cruel thing to post those cupcake photos without sending us each a dozen. choooooooocolate. froooooooooosting. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Gramma

    At all day mtg last week, Auntie Tickle made yummy mocha cupcakes with a candy covered coffee bean on the top of the chocolate frosting. I resisted until on the way to the parking lot, then succumbed and took one from the foil covered plate she was carrying to her car. Delish!

  • Nila

    Those cupcakes are beautiful. One of the ones in the box looks like a boob, which must be why BB is going after it.

    About your sleeping arrangements. As long as you’re well rested, that’s all that matters. Why are other mothers so judgemental? By the way, I saw the cutest crib at Ikea. It looked smaller than your regular crib, and I’ll bet it’s got all the latest and greatest safety features.

  • josephine

    I think everyone who comments here is pretty sweet and not that judgmental. I think I am my own worst enemy because I second guess everything and with a little fodder for worry, I’m off and running with my crazy imagination. But thank you Nilla and everybody else who is so kind to defend my wacky situation. I do appreciate it. We don’t have fleas anymore and my back is fine.

  • BeachMama

    WOW, no wonder the owner of Whoorl’s house wants to sell right this second. If I had a rental that looked as cool as that, I would want to capitalize too. If I had a couple of mil I would buy it too.

    Thanks for sharing the pics and the chocolate cupcake too!