Bad Mom,  Bug

Snap Crackle Pop

I’ve been sitting on this post for a silly reason. I’m afraid of the United Mothers of the Web. (Lovingly referred to as UMW or “UmWuh”) I’m afraid that if I admit that I feed my baby rice crispies, everybody is going to jump on my case for giving my baby cereal that contains sodium that may or may not be harmful to her liver. Arg! I’m such a wus. But you understand. Unconventional mothering ideas don’t always go down smoothly here on this blog. Still, better to be nagged than end up in the ER right? So here goes:

I discovered that Baby Bug LOVES rice crispies. It wasn’t really my idea. Her smarty pants scientist Auntie Tickle gave them to her when I was visiting. I figure if her scientist Aunt thinks they are okay, then they probably are. Who knows though. New studies come out every day. My mom gave me cows milk at six months and now that’s like giving your baby blueberry cheesecake or bubble gum or something. It’s impossible to keep up on everything.

Anyhow, Baby Bug LOVES rice crispies. Loves them, loves them, loves them! Maybe even more than she loves me! Just kidding. She does give those little puffed pieces of rice more undivided attention than she gives me though. She loves the way they taste and she loves to grab them with her little chubby fingers. It keeps her occupied for many many many minutes. I think they could keep her occupied for days if I would just keep putting handfuls of the cereal on her high chair tray. But I don’t, because I worry about things like sodium.

Let me tell you, rice crispies are a dream come true when I need to do a sink full of dishes or microwave the next serving of baby food. She’s as quiet as a mouse and doesn’t mind sitting in her highchair while I busy myself doing other things. No more grunt grunt grunting or whine whine whining. I can take a little breather from fetching the sippy cup off the floor or shoving spoonful after spoonful of pureed green beans into her little birdy mouth.

Rice crispies, I love you too.


  • Jennifer

    HAHA. Some of those pics she looks like she’s in sheer bliss over those krispies. I tried those on my babe but I think they had a little too much snap crackle for her. I get the dishes done with small toasted wheat bread squares, Kix cereal, graham cracker sticks, and then of course all those baby snacks out there on the market. I can make you feel better about the sodium situation. I tried out those cheezit teeny grabz packs. Babe loved them but the smell of cheesy fingers made me gag afterwards :P

    You know, sometimes “unconventional” works. I put my baby to sleep on her tummy since birth and that about as unconventional as it gets nowadays. The result, she loves tummy time and doesn’t have to wear a helmet to correct severe head flattening like her sister.

  • Bethany

    Goodness gracious, they’re Rice Krispies, not pork rinds or vicodin. It’s a non-sugary cereal, probably fortified with vitamins and minerals. And as long as you sprinkle them out over her tray and she has to eat them one at a time, she can’t be ingesting too many at a time! I say, feed away.

    How is the sleeping in the 70s crib going, by the way?

  • Isabella's mom

    Bethany is making me laugh! Ditto – I don’t see why they would be any less acceptable than Cheerios. I mean, sanity sometimes comes at a price. And sometimes the price is cereal.

  • Sara

    Ah, feeding! It’s such a balance, finding what the babe likes, and what you feel comfortable with. I agree — they aren’t that bad. My daughter loves rice chex and trader joe’s o’s, so you could try those too. Really, it’s about sanity, don’t you think? I have purchased many gerber “convenience” foods for the road and for home because it makes things easier — and there’s a lot to be said for that, you know? You are doing great, and those pictures are so sweet…

  • CrankMama

    Hey SAJ,
    If people get up in your groceries (as it were) about rice crispies, you tell them to take a flying leap…. You love your baby bug and you’re a good mama and that’s all that matters.

  • Mrs. CPA

    The caloric intake of the Rice Krispies is probably expended in all the reaching and putting in the mouth anyway. And it’s so darn hot she probably needs the negligible extra sodium in her diet. If you were putting an egg-mcmuffin on her highchair tray, there might be some issue, but a handful of cereal? Not a big deal, unless you start putting a stick of butter and some marshmallows on the tray and make her make Rice Krispie treats. Then I’m commin’ over.

  • aunt kathy

    I didn’t know there could be a problem with rice crispies! I did cheerios and my kids loved them. Don’t try those special teething biscuits. There make such a big, big mess and are not worth it. (For teething, try freezing those plastic teething rings. Get several and rotate them).

  • Adele

    I have to agree with everyone else… the rice krispies are fine! Anything to give mummy a break, and keep baby happy works in my book!! :) Cheerios are good friends of mine too! Graham cracker sticks- WHATEVER WORKS!

  • Saple

    RICE KRISPIES! You might as well give her a margarita with the rim salted. Just Kidding… It is fine, she likes them. Have you seen the little sock thing that can let you feed fresh fruit and other foods to babies so they can knaw and suck on it. I tell you it was like giving my friends baby crack.. She loved it…


  • Gramma

    I like rice crispies. So should she. I used cherrios for my gang. They seemed to stay together longer even with slobber all over them. The rice crispies just disintegrated. Use all the finger food you can think of. When my children were up to eggs, we’d have poached egg on toast cut into little squares

  • Athena


    I’m a mom of kids ages 19, 18 and 9. They survived my — let’s just say “experimental” — parenting style. You gotta do what feels right for you and your little one(s). That’s the bottom line. As long as it’s not downright “bad” for the pumpkin’s health or well being (and certainly Snap, Crackle & Pop aren’t!). There will always be naysayers. You just have to shut them out (they are just people with nothing better to do than judge other people’s lives). The most important thing is to give the kid love, and that you do without any doubt!

    Kisses to Baby Bug!

    Athena Aurelius
    (Your San Diego fan)

  • jo

    She probably ingests more sodium by going to the beach and eating sand than the amount she gets by ingesting a teeny quantity of rice crispies – and if she wanted to eat heaps then you could just go for puffed rice from the healthfood store instead and feel no guilt whatsoever… (not that I’m suggesting you should feel guilty in any way at the moment, at all )

  • ginger incognito

    The Doodle was a big Cheerios fan, but there was the weekend we spent out of town when we gave her Honey Nut Cheerios. She adored them and nothing bad happened, just like with Baby Bug and her Rice Krispies. So who cares what the United Mothers of the Web say? Don’t they have better things to do?

  • R*belle

    Criminey, are rice krispies a no-no? They can’t be, they are puffed air. Look, if it makes her happy, I can’t imagine the problem with it. But don’t ask me, as I gave my two year old some of my Crystal Light and the world immediatly stopped turning on its axis so I could be bashed and smashed by all of my fellow moms. Sisterhood unite, yeah right.

  • jailgy

    Cheerios is my preferred baby finger food, not so slimey afterwards. We had some but the label said it had wheat in it (and sugar, gasp). We were trying to delay the wheat ’til she was at least a little older. Has anyone ever tried making krispy treats with cheerios? Soooo good. –Auntie Tickle

  • Bethany

    Wow, I didn’t know I’d hit such a nerve with my random combination of Things Not To Feed A Baby! Glad it amused some, and sorry about any cravings I awakened.

  • KaguyaHime

    Hi SAJ!

    It’s Kaguya again, of de-lurking and commenting-on-Paris-piccies fame. ;) Just thought I’d swing by and give you big kudos on introducing the Bug to Rice Krispies. I looooves me some Rice Krispies. I’m a carbo fiend, so however I can get my rice, whether it be steamed, fried, or Krispied, I’m a happy camper.

    As for my two cents on the UMW, they really just need to step off. They seem to forget that WE were all raised in cribs that are now deemed death traps, ate regular food bought from the market, and played on playgrounds full of sharp corners and sun-heated sheet metal. And HOLY CRAP WE’RE STILL HERE. Our mothers did what they thought was best for us, and you are doing the same. So what if it’s unconventional? No baby and no mom and alike. Even though I have *no* mothering experience (I’m 22), I can surely tell that you’re doing a fabulous job with the Buggette!! Do your own thing, and keep it up, sweetpea.

  • Bethany

    Pork Rinds and Vicodin would be a good name for a band, too! I will keep it in mind if I ever get around to actually starting a blog.