Meet Wito

This is Wito, Baby Bug’s newest boyfriend. He’s such a cutie. I totally approve of their relationship. Wito looks like a little man in a tiny baby body. He has big baby hands and long legs. He eats all the time and I have a feeling he is going to pass up Baby Bug in size in a matter of months. He has a lot of hair that he likes to wear in a mohawk. He’s stylish like that. I haven’t seen him in his preppy shirts yet but I’m sure he has a whole closet full of them just like his Dad.

Since I happen to live close to Whoorl and Wito, I get to pop in on them now and then and scare the crap out of Whoorl because she thinks I’m a secret agent and I’m spying on her. I’m not really. I just like to take walks with Baby Bug and her house happens to be conveniently on the way to Starbucks.

Since Whoorl is a lost in the twilight zone that is new momhood, she told me that I could post some pictures of her and let her readers know that she is alive and well. Actually she’s doing great. So is Wito. He is so healthy, you’d never know he was forced out of the womb a week early and had to spend some time in the NICU. He’s a champ.

When we visited the other day, Wito got to take his first walk in the baby carrier and he loved it. He snuggled right down against his mama’s chest and took a peaceful snooze in the summer breeze. I’m so happy he likes the carrier. I’ve been hoping that we all could take walks together, so I was pushing Whoorl to try it out. The sidewalks in our neighborhood are so narrow that it’s impossible to walk together with a stroller, let alone two. You end up walking single file and shouting over your shoulder if you want to carry on a conversation. Don’t even get me started on trying to maneuver through the swinging doors at Starbucks or the stopping and bumping into each other. Of course Whoorl would never bump into me. She’s much too coordinated for that. I on the other hand am a bumbling idiot.

Anywhoooo, I just wanted to spread some happy new baby cheer. Here’s to Wito!