Buddies,  Bug

Baby Felix!

Some of you know Felix. That’s not her real name of course but she comments on this blog from time to time under that name. Felix and I used to work together at the junk mail factory. Felix is one of my buddies from my old lunch bunch. We used to go to lunch all the time. (Back in the days before we all had kids.)

A funny thing happened to my lunch buddies. We all got pregnant in the same year! It was in the water or something. Jbomb had her baby a few months before me and Felix was due a month after me. Nat is due this coming August. It’s catching.

Felix had her baby a month early and guess who was in the hospital on the very same day we were? Felix and Baby Felix! You can imagine my surprise when I hobbled down the hall to my Baby Care Discharge Class and who should I see two doors down but Felix, her husband and her little four pound baby Felix! Surprise surprise!

It’s been fun having a friend who has a baby almost exactly the same age as Baby Bug. We like to get together and compare notes. Baby Felix was born premature but is formula fed and she’s already caught up to Baby Bug in size! They both have the same jerky movements and they both drool a lot. Baby Felix has super long eyelashes and Baby Bug has nearly no hair at all. They make the same sounds and they even suck their pacifiers the same way!

Unfortunately, Felix moved out to the boondocks but she still comes out to visit now and then. I’m trying to talk her into moving back to the beach but she has a house now with a real yard and washer and dryer… so I can sorta understand the pull of the boondocks. If it wasn’t for Toby’s job and my addiction to walking on the beach every day, I’d move out there in a second. But that’s not going to happen any time soon so we are just happy that Felix misses walking on the beach too and likes to come visit us.

I really hope we all stay close. How cool will it be to show Baby Bug and Baby Felix these pictures when they are teenagers?


  • ShooShoo

    The boondocks are very tempting, especially here in California where everything is so stinkin’ expensive! Though I’m in Northern CA, it’s still hard to decide whether to stay in civilization where the beach isn’t too far away (you are so lucky to practically live *on* the beach), or whether to go somewhere in the middle of nowhere, where a decent place is actually affordable!

    Glad you & Bug had a fun visit with your friends! :)

  • BeachMama

    Those are the two most adorable babies I have seen in a very long time. Glad you had a great visit with Felix. We need you to stay at the beach too, so we can live vicariously through you ;)

  • Felix

    Boondocks?!? I don’t live in the boondocks! I lived in the boondocks when I lived in Northern California – I have sidewalks and cable now – this is civilization compared to what I grew up with. Alas, but so far from the beach – and so freakin’ hot. Yuck…Chino. As soon as we win the lotto we’ll be back in the OC.

  • Jamie

    That’s too cool…love the baby feet pictures. Girlfriends, especially those who have gone through the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, are the best!

  • Clownfish

    When I win the lotto we’ll move back to OC too, hehe. Until then, I’ll just enjoy just working in it. Oh and I did enjoy my calamari tacos from Taco Mesa today! And next week I will welcome Felix back!

  • Jbomb

    How fun! I wish I were there. I have tried to get together with you guys forever! There is always something happen that we can’t get together…:/ I am so jealous! :D

  • NAT

    WOW… I am mentioned in your blog, how nice…

    The pictures are great of baby Bug and baby Felix love them alot how cute are they together these pictures are great to show them when they grow up, I wish my baby was here too, but for now I have my sweet little girl.

  • lynne

    Stay by the beach as long as you can, I can’t think of anything nicer than taking a walk by the beach to start your day. I regularily walk by the canal near my house in London, but its not the same. If I could move Camden to the beach I would :)

    I grew up in a house five minutes away from the sea and I had a childhood spent building sand castles, swiming and exploring caves (we even had smugglers tunnels but we were too chicken to go far down them). Also when you get to be a teenager you can have beach parties and share cider while sitting around the camp fire. Nothing like the sound of the sea. Ahh you have made me feel so nostalgic!

    Love you blog x