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So Excited It Hurts

As I sit here in the glow of my laptop at two three something in the morning, I am almost overcome with excitement. That and the fact that I ate too much salt at lunch and my whole body is now paying. Who knew sodium was so evil when you are pregnant! I feel like a water balloon.

But that’s not what I got up out of my cozy sleeping-bag-on-my-mom’s-couch to write about. I only bring it up because I’m not exactly sure what is keeping me awake when everybody else is sleeping. Is it the fact that I am excited about everything that is coming up in the next few days and the rest of my life…or is it that my fingers are sausages? Probably both and a bit of mommy-to-be insomnia. I’m always awake at this time of night. It hardly even bothers me.

I’m so excited because tomorrow I’m kidnapping my niece, Rapunzel, and we are going to my house for a day of fun. We haven’t had a “Just Rapunzel and Me Day” since that day I took her to Disneyland several years ago. (We had the time of our lives that day…) Of course her parents know I’m kidnapping her and they are practically pushing her out the door with me. Our theory is, when you are dealing with two rambunctious kids: Divide and conquer. My nieces are both great kids but sometimes a very very very talkative seven-year-old and a mischievous, willful two-year-old can be a combo to drive you up the wall. We figure, if I take Rapunzel with me to the beach for a day, things will go a lot more smoothly for my mom and sister-in-law as they get ready for my big baby shower.

My big baby shower! See what I mean? The fun just never stops around here. I am beside myself excited. Besides the five billion presents of pretty little pink baby things that I’ll be receiving, I’m excited because a lot of my friends and family that I have not seen in ages will all be together on Saturday under the same roof! It’s almost too much for me, I am so happy. Relatives! Friends! All together! And pink cupcakes too! If I was a puppy, I’d be peeing on myself.

And guess what happens after that? It just can’t get any better. I almost feel guilty writing about this because I want everybody who reads this to be having as much fun as I am. Can you come too? Just kidding. But seriously, I do wish everybody could have this much happiness crammed into their life like I do. I need to share it a little bit. It’s just not fair that everybody can’t feel like this. Maybe it’s the equivalent to smoking a bowl of crack. (Not that I’d wish that on anyone.) But I just wish everybody could be as excited about what I’m going to write in the next paragraph as I am.

After the baby shower…. [insert drum roll]…. I GET TO MOVE INTO THE BABY’S ROOM!!!!! I know I’ve mentioned it like five bazillion times but this is something I have been looking forward to, fretting over endlessly and pretty much nagging Toby about to the point of contention for the last eight months. All I have to do is look at him and he says, “Don’t worry, it will happen.” He’s so tired of me crying about it, he won’t even let me bring it up anymore.

He’s promised me that when I get back from the baby shower, I will have somewhere to put all my baby things. And that place will not be the cupboard that I’ve been cramming things into anymore!!!! He is going to move out of his office and into my smaller office so I can move into his office and set up my GRAND OASIS de BABY! This is what my dreams have been made of almost my entire pregnancy. I’ve been planning and plotting for so long and so hard that my friends don’t even want to hear about it any more. I’ve dreamed and schemed and mapped and sketched and shopped for my imaginary baby’s room. It’s actually been quite frustrating. I’ve been a bird in spring without any straw to make my nest!

But not anymore.

Want to make a crafty pregnant mother-to-be happy? Give her a big project that revolves around her baby. I am in bliss just thinking about how much fun it is going to be to finally line up all my little baby shoes in a row in the closet! So many little shoes! All in a row!

And then what? Well, sheesh! It’s Christmas. And after that THE BABY!!!! That pretty much explains itself. My life will never ever ever be dull again. See why I can’t sleep?

Can the sun just come up already?