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    Operation Baby’s Room: Part 3

    I’ve been so manic to get the baby’s room done that now that it’s finished I feel completely exhausted. I could barely keep myself awake while I was baby sitting this morning. That is not good. Especially when Thing Two has hit that age where his metabolism is going nuts and he has more energy than the Tasmanian Devil and the Energizer Bunny combined. He bounces off walls.

    Usually I find the best way to manage all that energy is to pay it plenty of attention but twice I let myself zone out while he careened his scooter down the driveway and crashed at the bottom of their hill. And then when his mom came driving up, she caught me reclined completely on their front steps. That would have been fine but I couldn’t get myself up fast enough and my legs were in the air like a beetle stuck on it’s back for a good three seconds. I was really embarrassed. Thankfully, she remembers what it was like being pregnant not too long ago and is pretty understanding. Besides she’s only been calling me to babysit because she’s desperate.

    So anyway back to the most important subject at hand: I hung up all my baby clothes and it made me giddy with happiness. So many cute cute things! Toby put the crib together and it looks pretty cool with all it’s fancy schmancy hand-me-down bedding from the Things. We had to rearrange the placement from our original plan because the crib is a lot higher than we expected. It was almost touching the photographs on the wall and that was really cramping my bren shui style. Plus, I think you are not supposed to have pictures hanging above a crib where they could come crashing down in an earthquake and poke the sleeping baby’s eye out or knock them unconscious or something. So we moved it over to the sliding glass door wall so she can strangle herself with the pull cord for the blinds instead. Just kidding. I’m going to have to do something with that cord before she gets to sleep in there. I don’t think she’ll be sleeping in the crib for a good three months or so. Hopefully it will be warmer by then and she won’t have to sleep in the icy draft that comes rolling off the sliding glass door on a cold winter night.

    The only thing I have left is the big ugly chair. I’m still waiting for the slip cover to come in the mail. I hope it’s the right color. I could have ordered swatches but I’m never that efficient. Oh yeah, and I need to wash everything. Joy joy joy. How am I going to make sure everything is perfectly clean and baby safe when I have to do laundry in a public laudromat where the washers have pubic hair and dog hair and chewing gum and leaky pen ink in them? Gross! I guess I’m just going to have to get over that. Especially since Pounce, the cat, thinks the changing pad is his new bed and he’s going to fur it up as soon as I wash it anyway. This baby is just going to have to not have allergies. She has no choice.

  • preg-nuts

    just a quick note

    Just a quick note before I rush off to my babysitting job. I’ll be back this afternoon with lots more to report AND pictures!

    The room looks so great. I am basking in it’s peace and quietness and space. I know that won’t last for long. Already I can see that I’m going to have to continue to downsize my office crap to make room for baby. Next thing I know this nice big room is going to be filled with bright colored plastic things that make noise and a little squirmy baby thing that makes noise.

    When I used to work at the Direct Mail factory we always created “New Parent Mailers”. We always talked the jargon about how new parents are at that pivital point where they make lifestyle changes and now is the time to hit them with marketing marketing marketing because they will spend bazillions of dollars on new stuff. Well, here I am and it’s true. I can’t believe how much new stuff I have. I’ve found places for just about everything but I still have one box left of miscellaneous. Where do I put the little books and stuffed animals and rattles and tiny little keepsake things like a decorative container for “baby’s first curl”? I think I need a book case and after that a toy chest… cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching. I think I’m going to hit my brother up for some handy dandy uncle-to-be carpentry.