just a quick note

Just a quick note before I rush off to my babysitting job. I’ll be back this afternoon with lots more to report AND pictures!

The room looks so great. I am basking in it’s peace and quietness and space. I know that won’t last for long. Already I can see that I’m going to have to continue to downsize my office crap to make room for baby. Next thing I know this nice big room is going to be filled with bright colored plastic things that make noise and a little squirmy baby thing that makes noise.

When I used to work at the Direct Mail factory we always created “New Parent Mailers”. We always talked the jargon about how new parents are at that pivital point where they make lifestyle changes and now is the time to hit them with marketing marketing marketing because they will spend bazillions of dollars on new stuff. Well, here I am and it’s true. I can’t believe how much new stuff I have. I’ve found places for just about everything but I still have one box left of miscellaneous. Where do I put the little books and stuffed animals and rattles and tiny little keepsake things like a decorative container for “baby’s first curl”? I think I need a book case and after that a toy chest… cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching. I think I’m going to hit my brother up for some handy dandy uncle-to-be carpentry.