Trinidad and Agate Beach

On the last day of our vacation we went to Trinidad and Agate Beach with Toby’s sisters and their little girls. It cleared up for a few hours but by the time we had eaten lunch, the fog was already rolling back in. But that didn’t stop us from having a good time of course. Actually, I liked the fog. It made it seem all the more mysterious.

The last time I was at Agate Beach I think I was twelve or so and I remember it being exactly like this. The path down to the beach is dark and twisting. At some points the bushes grow right up and over the path. It makes me think of woods fairies and strange creatures that live in the dark. In Humboldt County they don’t have to landscape, it’s all they can do to keep the landscape from taking over the paths. Everything just grows and grows and grows. The ground is very damp and in some places there are mud puddles of clay. The same kind of clay I used to use in my pottery class.

But the best part of Agate Beach are the rocks. If you thought the beach bits were cool, these are even neater. There are smooth pebbles everywhere! Miles and miles of them! All you have to do is get them wet and they turn into little gems! I wish I knew how to make jewelry because I would design all kinds of neat wearable things with these colored little rocks. I think I like them better than rubies and diamonds.

I took home quite a few!

P.S. We’re back! Guess what tomorrow’s post is going to be about? We are going to find out the baby’s sex tomorrow! I’m so excited.