Sunday Fun Day Part Une

Sunday Funday Part Une

On Sunday we had some free time in the morning. I love free time. I love the group tour also because I know I wouldn’t get to half the things we’re seeing if I didn’t have someone behind me with a whip but free time is a luxury not to be missed. Free time is skipping along the Seine and stopping to take silly pictures. Free time is practicing your French with the short silly waiter who speaks English perfectly. Free time is getting lost and finding a whole new neighborhood right before our noses. Free time is for sampling treats from the Jewish bakery. Free time is divine.

We couldn’t believe our luck. The weather was and is perfect! It’s May Day! As we walk by Notre Dame a thin clear voice sings like an angel and we stop in our tracks, mesmerized. It’s as if everything beautiful is converging in one spot. I will always remember what it feels like to be standing in front of Notre Dame on a Sunday with the sun shining and someone singing as a soft breeze from the Seine blows my hair out of my face.