Letting Out My Inner French Girl

Letting Out My Inner French Girl

After our shopping extravaganza, we headed home with our tails between our legs. We went back to our hotel and laid out all our loot on our beds. Phew! There’s a lot of stuff. Some people are getting some pretty sweet gifts from Paris. Let me tell you. (Felix, if you’re reading this… I hooked you UP with some sexy lingerie.) The lingerie here goes on for miles and miles! I have never seen so many sexy things all in one place.

I also bought myself a few things from the cheaper shops on the street. They seem to be like those cheap import stores we have at home where you can buy an out of style dress for $15 except that it’s Paris and all the brands are foreign to me so nothing is out of style to me. The quality isn’t as nice as what’s in the Galleries Lafayette but it’s still fun.

I bought a flouncy brown skirt with tulle under it and a floppy bright orange sweater that hangs all funny at the bottom. I should have bought a more subdued color but the orange looked so much better on me than the olive green. Toby’s going to have a cow. He’s always telling me that a “classy lady” doesn’t stand out. I guess I’ve never really been all that “classy” because I love to stand out. I love red and orange and pink and if I can wear them all together it makes me even happier. So I bought a thin sweater in bright pink. (because nothing goes better with a bright orange than bright pink!) To top it all off I bought some new boots. NEW BOOTS! They weren’t cheap though. They are probably what alerted my credit card company to shut me down in the first place. But they are perfect. I do need to replace my spy boots afterall. Except they aren’t very spy like. They are more like school marm boots. But they are flat and I can duck and run and be very spy like in them.

I can also flounce in them. When in Paris dress as the Parisians right? So I put all my new Paris clothes on at once and flounced over to the Luxembourg Gardens. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn everything all at once because I didn’t really blend in at all. Maybe it was the orange. I don’t know. You can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl. C’est la vie!

What is great about our new neighborhood is that it is very very close to the Luxembourg Gardins or “Jardin du Luxembourg” (The “x” is pronounced as an “s”. I’d spell the whole thing out phonetically if I could remember, but it’s very tricky for my tongue and I’ve lost it already.) The gardens are beautiful. There are so many passage ways, tree lined paths and little places to sit. Everywhere you look there are public chairs to sit on. Gaze at the lake, gather in the shade, line up along a path going no where… it’s all good! There is so much leisure time spent wisely here. I wonder if French people don’t watch television. Everyone seems to be out and about even when it’s a bit cold. I hear on a sunny day you can catch a puppet show in these gardens as well as sail a toy sail boat. If the sun comes up we plan on stopping there again.