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    DC Blogger Meet-Ups


    We took a break from unpacking today to meet one of my oldest blogging friends, Carrie from Queen of Rambles who happens to live in the DC area. I know Carrie from way way way back. In fact, I think her blog was the second blog I stumbled across before I even knew what blogging was. So it was a treat to meet her in real life. It reaffirms for me that the internet is indeed one of the greatest ways to meet wonderful friends.

    Carrie is just as funny in person as she is online and sweet too. (Which by the way is quite impressive considering she’s eight months pregnant and has every right to be grouchy and unsociable.) I’m actually a little sad that I don’t live here and we can’t meet up regularly. But I have given Bethany strict instructions that they are to become good friends and have playdates regularly so I can live vicariously through them after I go home.

    getting along swimmingly

    The kids got along swimmingly of course which made it super nice for the moms who just wanted to relax and talk. Bethany’s very yummy carrot-cake cupcakes with browned-butter frosting might have something to do with the all-around happiness.

    silly kids

    wack-a-friend Buggity Bug

    Good weather and cardboard castles on the deck are always good for play dates too. I wish I had a deck like this at home. Of course I have the beach so I have no right being jealous but I admit I have to keep reminding myself that it’s super muggy here in the summer so I don’t want to move here.

    Castle on the deck Lily

    The weather here really has been so beautiful. I’ve never experienced Spring like this before. When I got here everything was brown and icy. There were still patches of muddy snow in random places and the ground was mucky to walk on but in a matter of days the sky is bright blue, the grass is turning green and the trees are covered with little tiny buds. There are birds and squirrels everywhere. This morning I saw a red cardinal for the first time in my life. I had to get up from my breakfast and exclaim about it a little bit which made Bethany chuckle because I guess cardinals are about as common as seagulls are back home.

    feeling right at home peek-a-annalie

    Even though we are having a swell time just hanging out at Bethany’s, I think by next week we should be done with the unpacking and ready to see some of the local sights. I’m very excited about the Spy Museum. AND! I’m planning a meet up for local readers and friends this Sunday. Email me if you want details and the secret code phrase. Oh yeah, we’re stealthy like that.

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    The War on Cardboard and Other Amusements

    stomp stomp Queen of the Boxes

    I’d say we are about at the midway point of the un-packinig. Slowly but surely we are taking back the house from the sea of cardboard. It’s an uphill battle but with enough lemon bars the war can be won!

    Annalie's bedroom

    Annalie’s bedroom was done but it just didn’t feel right so we rearranged everything all over again. Bethany and I were joking that we like moving 7 foot tall book-filled book cases around like they are 300 pound puzzle pieces.

    snip snip hack hack bug on a rug

    When we finally had everything just right with heater vents not covered and at least one exposed plug, the rug didn’t fit so we hacked it up like real IKEA hacks. That was pretty fun.

    cuttin' a rug

    We are having a lot of fun. If Toby wouldn’t miss us so much I would seriously consider doing this unpacking gig as a full time job.

    A princess in disguise

    Bug is having the time of her life playing with Annalie and generally just being a kid. The house is big and full of interesting nooks to explore. But to Bug the outside is even more exciting and she begs to go outside all day long. It’s going to be hard for her to go home where she is stuck in her boring old living room while I get stuff done on my laptop. That’s life I suppose.

    playing outside! a slide!

    we have a love hate relationship

    SAJ vs. the cardboard

    But until then we are going to live it up! And I’m going to show that cardboard who’s boss!

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