a new easel!

It’s been like Christmas here lately. Every day we’ve been getting new things. Some things, like this easel, I bought but most everything else has come in the mail. We are one bunch of spoiled brats when it comes to getting fun things in the mail. And most of those fun things come from you guys! So thanks a lot you spoiling spoilers!

Just kidding. Of course we LOVE snail mail and I will try to blog about each little wonderful thoughtful thing we have so generously received but it’s going to take some time because, did I say it already? WE ARE SPOILED!!!! And we’ve gotten a lot of things!

While we are on the subject of spoiling, I should add that Toby wasn’t very happy with me regarding the purchase of this easel for Baby Bug. He is away on another business trip and you know how it goes, when the cat’s away the mice will play! By playing, I mean painting of course.

painting flurry

I’ve had it in my head to paint several paintings while he is gone. It’s so much easier to paint and make a mess when he is not around to get after me about cleaning up. Toby hates clutter and while I’m not a very cluttered person in general, I am very cluttery when I’m in the middle of a project. My motto is: I make BIG messes but I clean them up in a big way!

So anyway, I had it in my head that if I got Baby Bug her own easel then she might leave my paints alone. “Ha ha, very funny” you say? It was a thought. I don’t know how well it will work. As you can see I need very little justification to go out and buy Baby Bug something neat and fun to play with. Especially when it only costs twenty bucks! How could I not buy it! Of all people who should have an easel, I think Baby Bug should have one. Right? Right!


Toby does not think so. You know why? Because he thinks she is spoiled. He thinks that she will not feel her talents as an artist are special (Don’t you love how we already assume she is a talented artist?) because she has everything any artist could ever want before she is even old enough to realize that these things are special. He thinks that she doesn’t care where she colors or paints. She draws on the wall, the couch, the floor, on paper, not on paper… etc etc. What’s going to make an easel special to a two-year-old?

finger painting with watercolors

Bah Humbug. So maybe he has a point. But this is also coming from the guy who doesn’t think she needs a puppy or a goldfish either. Cold-hearted, I say!

I guess we just have different ways of looking at things. I’m a little short-sighted, thinking about how I am going to get through the day and keep my little busy bee occupied. Toby is thinking of her career as an artist. I say, the easel won’t hurt but maybe I’ll hold off on buying her a laptop. She can use mine. (!)

Toby comes from a very different childhood than I did. I was smothered with gifts even when my parents couldn’t afford them. I remember photos of me at birthday parties sitting in the middle of mountains of presents. Do I remember any of those presents specifically? Maybe. Not really.

Does Toby remember his presents? Yes. When he was ten (not two), his dad gave him a single-reflex camera. I don’t think it was anything fancy. Just an old beat-up Pentax (correct me if I’m wrong Ponnays… Toby is out of phone distance) but that camera was everything to Toby. It still is.

Painting again…

brush brush brush

I was very brave today. I let Baby Bug paint with real acrylic paints on a real canvas. It wasn’t part of the plan but I was so into my own paintings I just wanted to buy a few more minutes so I could finish up. Of course that was the ONLY thing she wanted to do so I let her. Anything to keep her quiet for ten more minutes.

Normally, I wouldn’t even think of letting Baby Bug touch my paint. For starters: “grown-up paint” doesn’t always wash out of clothes (or the couch or the rug or anything else that might happen to be handy). I’ve ruined so many of my favorite outfits it’s not even funny. Also, it’s expensive! Every time I go to the paint store to buy one tube of red or yellow or green, I always walk out of the store holding my heart because I why do three tubes of paint cost $100!!! Yet I can’t sell a painting for more then $50? Why is painting such an expensive hobby?!! And lastly, canvases aren’t cheap either. Thankfully I’ve finally figured out I can order them online for a significant discount. (I just want to add that I hate our local art store and will boycott them whenever I can.)

getting the edges

I’ve let my nieces paint with my paint and canvases before and regretted it because they covered the canvas with one color and then covered it again with another color. I think they would have kept on painting the canvas over and over again if I didn’t call it a day. In a way that is kind of cool because painting really is about the “process” and not the end result but I just have a hard time letting go of my paint and canvases. I’m greedy I guess.

slippery sloopy paint

But then I thought… this is my daughter. She’s going to paint. She wants to paint. Who am I to stop her? If I want her to grow up to be a great artist I have to give her all the tools. Who cares if she’s only two.

adding some green!

Also, I just wanted her to stop whining! Anything! Here, have the keys to my car! Just let mommy paint for a minute.

asking price $1000

But she did really well. She didn’t make too horrible of a mess and I kind of like this painting. I think I might even hang it on the wall. I have a feeling she has quite a career ahead of her… it’s going to be fun anyway.

it is finished!


Thankfully everything washed off and the couch made it through without any hand
prints… this time. The mess was totally worth it because I got to paint too!