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    I’ve been tagged by Erika to do a little meme-y thing. I’m terrible at these. I’m not very interesting, I don’t have any great secrets to reveal and I never get any comments on these… so I usually don’t do them. However, Erika is a sweetie and I owe her. She asked me a really hard photoshop question like three months ago and I still have not gotten back to her. I suck. So here’s me trying to make up for that.

    Seven Things To Do Before I Die
    1. Write a book with real chapters
    2. Have a gallery opening with wine and cheese, even if it’s in my own house
    3. own a bed and breakfast
    4. bleach my hair blonde for kicks
    5. take a cake decorating class
    6. run the LA marathon
    7. hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

    Seven Things I Cannot (or won’t) Do
    1. dive into a swimming pool
    2. the splits
    3. eat squid
    4. swim to Catalina Island
    5. make a cake from scratch
    6. add double digit numbers quickly in my head
    7. walk down the street in a bikini

    Seven Things That Attract Me to… (a man)
    1. broad shoulders
    2. a sincere smile
    3. a quick wit
    4. the ability to get stubborn lids off jars
    5. scratchy whiskers
    6. confidence
    7. honesty

    Seven Things I Say
    1. crap
    2. awww man!
    3. Pants on! Dance on!
    4. Are you poopin?
    5. No worries
    6. Coolio
    7. Ready Spaghetti?

    Seven Good Books
    1. A Walk in the Woods
    2. The Kitchen God’s Wife
    3. The Namesake
    4. Peace Like a River
    5. White Oleander
    6. The Poisonwood Bible
    7. the Bible (of course)

    Seven Good Movies
    1. Amelie
    2. Spanglish
    3. The Girl From Paris
    4. Funny Face
    5. Lost in Translation
    6. Whale Rider
    7. Y Tu Mama Tambien

    Seven Blogs To Tag
    Everybody who reads this who doesn’t have anything to write about already…that means YOU! You can even have a little tag graphic for your blog if you want it.

    Just drag it to your desktop (or however you pc people do this) and host it on your own server/flickr or whatever… cause you know how I feel about hotlinkers.

    Coming next: Another tag! My contribution to Real Mom’s.