Frequently Asked Questions

Is Josephine your real name?

Nope. My real name is Brenda Ponnay. Read the real story here.

How much do you charge?

I charge $100 per hour, usually. Sometimes I charge a flat rate if I know the project is going to be simple and not involve a lot of back-and-forth changes. Sometimes I work for free because the project inspires me and/or it will look good in my portfolio. Contact me; we’ll talk. :)

What programs do you use to create your illustrations?

I primarily use Adobe Illustrator. (I heart Illustrator!) I also use Adobe Photoshop and Indesign. Sometimes I paint and draw by hand and scan them into Photoshop.

Are you an illustrator or a graphic designer?

I like to call myself a graphic illustrator. I do both.

I want to write a children’s book, will you illustrate it for me?

I’d love to, but I can’t do it for free. Illustrating each page takes a long time, and I need to pay my bills. Let’s talk about your budget and see if I can help!

Do you design websites or blog templates?

Technically no. I don’t code. But I have programmers who help me do that. So yes, I can design you a website or I can help you fill in the graphics in a template that we can pick together if you like. I know my way around WordPress, Shopify, and a few others… We can talk about it.  Hire me!

Will you shoot my wedding/product for my small business/content for my social media…

Yes, I would love to shoot for you! I like to think of myself as a stylist with a camera. Let’s create something beautiful together! Whether it’s just a quick one-hour shoot or if you need me to handle your social media for a month or if you want to hire me for an event, we can definitely talk. Mini shoots start at $50 per half hour. For something larger, I would put together a proposal for you after we discuss what you are looking for.

How do you get inspired? 

I drink a LOT of coffee, but more importantly, I’m not a perfectionist (obviously). I think perfectionism hangs up a lot of talented people. I believe art is freedom and I fight anything that gets in the way of that.

I need help coming up with ideas for a party I’m throwing, do you offer event coordination?

I’m not technically an event coordinator but I know how to throw a crazy awesome party. If you need help brainstorming up a theme or setting out a plan, organizing the details, or creating graphic design collateral… I am definitely your girl. Dealing with vendors is not my strong suit but I have people who are really good at that who can help.