Frequently Asked Questions


Is Josephine your real name?

Nope. My real name is Brenda Ponnay. Read the real story here.

How much do you charge?

I charge $100 hour, usually. Sometimes I charge a flat rate if I know the project is going to be simple and not involve a lot of back and forth changes. Sometimes I work for free because the project inspires me and/or it will look good in my portfolio. Contact me, we’ll talk. :)

What programs do you use to create your illustrations?

I primarily use Adobe Illustrator. (I heart Illustrator!) I also use Adobe Photoshop and Indesign. Sometimes I paint and draw by hand and scan them into Photoshop.

Are you an illustrator or a graphic designer?

I like to call myself a graphic illustrator. I do both.

I want to write a children’s book, will you illustrate it for me?

I’d love to but I can’t do it for free. Illustrating each page takes a long time and I need to pay my bills.

Can you make me a web banner?

Yes. Email me and we can discuss.

Do you design websites or blog templates?

Technically no. I don’t code. But I have programmers who help me do that. So yes, I can design you a website or a blog template but it will involve a team of people to make it happen. Hire me!

What kind of camera do you use?

I use a canon 6D. It’s the bomb.

How do you get inspired? What’s your secret to being creative?

I drink a LOT of coffee and I’m not a perfectionist (obviously). I think perfectionism hangs up a lot of talented people.

I wrote you an email a long time ago and you never responded. Are you a snob or just busy?

Sigh. I have issues with email. I used to be the queen of emailing and would answer right away with long thoughtful notes. Then I had a kid and now my email inbox averages about 300 emails that I need to respond to on any given day. I try to keep up but I’m always hopelessly behind. Also, a lot of times I do respond to your emails but they get caught in your spam folder. If I haven’t responded to you in a week, check your spam folder, my email might be in there. I don’t mind duplicate emails checking on me. I really do want to answer everybody’s email. When all else fails, try my gmail account (

What’s Bug’s real name and why do you call her Bug?

No, her real name is not Bug. It’s actually a really pretty name but I can’t type it here. I don’t ever put her real name in type because I just want to keep her out of google searches until she’s old enough to create her own identity for herself on the web. We do call her Bug as a nickname though and surprisingly she answers to it!