• Buddies,  house stuff!

    We’re in the Thick of It!


    Last Wednesday, I flew into Sacramento to stay with my good friend and fairy godmother, Susan, for a week in Grass Valley. She’s hired me to help *organize* her house with her. Yay!

    I love to tidy. It’s an obsession. I drive people around me crazy with my ability to hyper-focus for days on end. I don’t relax until the task is done and it can be hard for others and my body! I absolutely love The Home Edit  (RIP my Netflix subscription, sniff).


    So Susan and I set an intention to reorganize her beautifully eclectic home and have a good time while we do it! How is it going? Well, I’ll get to that.


    It’s a good thing Susan and I are such good life-long friends because we are in the THICK OF IT.


    Stuff, stuff, stuff and more stuff. We’ve even opted to skip our usual outings to fun restaurants and thriftstore shopping because WE ARE FOCUSED. Okay, I lie. We hit five thrift stores really quick on one day when we dropped off a full load of donations but other than that we are staying home and working our little squirrel hearts out.


    Everything always looks worse before it gets better.


    We’ve been having a good time as we go. Lots of jokes and spontaneous dance parties to 80’s music to keep our energy up.

    I’m just worried one week isn’t really enough time to get everything done. It’s going to break my heart to leave without everything perfect. But such is life, right? Not everything can be perfect. Wabi Sabi.



    But I do miss Bug and the Zoo. There is so much on the horizon for me to worry about (Where am I going to move to??? and when???). I’m starting training for a new career next Monday and I haven’t even told you about Homecoming, the school night concert, or the night Bug and I fooled around in Ikea just for photos.

    Stay tuned!