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A Place of Her Own


Some news: Bug and I moved into a new place. Don’t worry everyone is fine. I know everyone will be sad because you all loved a love story but sometimes relationships don’t work out.  The story isn’t over but here we are in a new chapter.


We quite like it. Our place overlooks a golf course. I’m not a huge fan of golf or anything but I am loving the view. It is so green and peaceful with little dots of geese and golfers buzzing to-and-fro… I spend a lot of time looking at it every day. It’s almost as good as the ocean for me. I feel well with my soul here. It’s not our forever home but it is home sweet home for now.


Bug has significantly helped with decorating the place. The green thumb passes on.


Kady likes it too and now we have another cat, Inkspot aka Inky2. My mom and dad live in a mobile home park with a very strict HOA and they have been getting fined for having too many cats, so we took on another of my mom’s cats. Inky is no Cody or Whiskey but he helps a little. He acts like a dog. He’s also kind of a pain in the butt because he chases Kady around and scratches on any closed door like a midnight fiend.


Bug and I have our own rooms and our own bathrooms each. It’s so nice. I’ve decorated mine in pink because I can. I’m going through a pink stage. I’ve always loved a good clashing of pink and orange but lately, I’ve softened to light pink and peach. I love it. I feel like I live in my own spa. It’s been really helpful for my mental health to have such an oasis. I light candles and take my time with my skincare routine. I curl up in bed with Kady and read books.


My room is so big I have plenty of space for half of it to be my office (the bottom right picture is the living room though, sorry that was misleading). My craft supplies are filling up half my closet, sadly. It might be time to downsize and make more room for clothes.


But where you’ll find me most of the time is the small patio. I’m here for the view.


  • Cathy

    Really I have sooo many questions (‘the story isn’t over’ what does that mean!) and will selfishly miss seeing Cody and Whiskey but knowing that you and Bug are safe and happy are most important and relieving TBH. Take care of you, girl and I am loving the pink and your view too. Hope you’ll keep blogging <3

  • Susie

    As always, you’ve made such a warm, inviting, and loving home for you and Bug. I’m sorry for the hard parts of this episode, but I’m so happy you’re all set up and have such a healthy outlook on this experience and life in general. Enjoy your new space and the lovely patio! Sending all good vibes for your next chapter. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you! ??

  • Susie

    Ok, there it is again! That last part was not a question!! Those question marks were supposed to be a heart emoji. I don’t know why that happens to me in your comments section, but I feel like the universe must be trying to tell me not to be so corny. (Insert laughing face and facepalm emojis here.)

  • Chive

    I’m glad you and Bug are in a good place now. You must have been through some hard times to have got to here, and I’m sorry to hear that.
    The new place is very you two. It’s great to have a huge green space right outside. Definitely good for the soul.

    • SAJ

      Hey Chive, thank you. We are in a good place but I can’t say that things were bad where we were. Payam was wonderful. We just had different dreams, different parenting styles, and different goals. I could have stayed and made it work and maybe I should have. It’s been terribly hard to break Payam’s heart and break up a family. I do feel terrible. I will probably feel bad for a long time.

  • Super Sarah

    I am sad to read this, you’re so right, everyone loves a love story. But you’re amazing and brave and resilient and sometimes hard things have to happen. Sending you love and peaceful healing in your new home xx

  • Lulu

    Thank you for always sharing your life, I have been a blog reader for so long I feel that we are really friends. Chin up, you are always such an inspiration.

  • Ami

    I know it’s no comfort when an internet stranger says, “oh no!” But that’s what I first thought. And then I thought, “She’ll be okay…in fact they’ll do great.” I have no claim to any extra wisdom or knowledge. Just watching you embrace your creativity and challenges and come out on the other side. I started following you when you had Bug’s green birthday party. Anyway, you’ve said before that you crave and thrive on change, so I imagine you’re going to thrive through this struggle too. I hope you still get to hang out with Joon and Cody and Whiskey. Hang in there.

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