Help me make a calendar!


Okay, die hard SAJ fans (all four of you), I need some opinions. I’m finally trying to make a real calendar out of my banner illustrations. Not the usual edges of illustration around boxes as a free printable (like I’ve done in the past) but full 8×10 illustrations imported into calendar program (like shutterfly but cheaper) so I don’t have to manually typeset number by number of each month. (It’s a lot of work and as you know I make a ton of mistakes!)

I’m not sure it’s a good idea because I want to have this printed and I’d love to recoup my costs by selling it BUT I’m not sure anybody is going to want a calendar that is so personalized. SAJ and her two teenagers and boyfriend aren’t exactly in demand as characters. But I have all these illustrations and I want to make something out of them. I need your thoughts. I am also working on a SueBea (based off my mom) calendar as well and I think that might be more marketable but what if I made a calendar out of these images… what do you think?


I do like this one (above) and I think it works.


I like this one (above) too.


I love this one (above).


And I like this one (above).


I don’t love this one (above). It looks like I phoned it in but it is funny. Maybe I need to make the dogs show up more.


I do like this one too (above).


I don’t like this one (above). I love flowers but the smile is too simplistic. I should draw a better face.


I like this one but it’s pretty personalized. I don’t know, I guess everyone needs to read books about how to be kind to themselves… it could work.


This one I dont’ like. I like the flowers but it’s too personal to us and our trip to New York. Will people wearing masks still be relevant next September? I hope not.


I made this one today (above) and I love it! I think it could work for anyone.


Eeck. Don’t love this one, though I remember loving it when I made it. I need to make a new December banner anyway so maybe I’ll come up with something new for this one.

What do you think? Should I keep working on this or maybe just print one for myself and go back to the old freebie formatting?


Thanks you guys

3 Comments Help me make a calendar!

  1. Cathy

    Oh I will totally pay for this calendar when it comes out! Love your illustrations. Maybe the family ones might not work (it doesn’t match my family but I still like them cuz I feel like I sort of know you hah!) But your tweaks sound like you can make it work. I say go for it. I’d buy a SueBea one too for my Mom!

  2. Jeela

    Hi, as someone who has read your blog for years and used your calendar as well, I missed your calendar this year! Your drawings and bright colors have decorated my fridge for years and have helped me keep up with lessons and Dr’s. appointments. I would prefer the style you’ve always done, since it would be one page per month. So happy you’re doing a calendar again this year. Thank you!

  3. Gingermog

    I’m really late commenting on this but like the others I’ve always loved that you do calendars you can print out, so kind of you but its also a good idea to make some money from all the beautiful banners you create. you must have a books worth by now. I don’t necessarily think its an issue that the banners feature you and the girls, so much beautiful art work and illustrations in magazine feature women in different situations. I really love your illustrations in nature. I’ve been looking at the art work of of Jessica Courtney -Tickle (yes this is her name, did she marry a Mr Tickle I wonder?) recently and much of her beautiful work is based on female characters. I bought a print of hers a while back at an illustration show.


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