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Nobody likes an “I’m sick” post but I thought I better put something up since it’s been a minute. No, I am not sick with covid-19. Phew! I just have a regular head cold and it’s not really that big of a deal.

I’ve been thinking of all kinds of creative things I can do with this blog when I’m feeling better. Share some art, share some art process, document every stupid silly thing?

Quarantine is great for creative people. In fact, I’m not even letting myself start a puzzle because I know once I do I will get sucked into it and I won’t spend my time doing something more productive, like working on a book, working on a craft, or writing some interesting blog content.

But I just wanted to check in and say hi. I haven’t been able to visit my parents because I am sick but they are doing well. We talk every day on the phone and my mom is STILL losing weight. Can you believe it? My dad has been cooking all my recipes and even making some of his own. So far they are healthy and doing well. Everybody’s a little stir-crazy but what else is new?

The kids are with their others but they will be back Monday and school seems to be in full swing. I get emails from Bug’s teacher every other hour. I actually like them. Her teachers are working really hard to send out positive messages and keep everyone focused. I really wonder what life will be like when this pandemic is over.

My anxiety about loved ones dying is through the roof but good thing I’ve learned a ton of tricks to help with that. How are you guys coping? I’m wishing I lived next door to an opera singer. But my garden is pretty and the dogs are my constant companions.


  • Anna

    In switzerland at the moment the Schools are closed because Covid-19 till 19 April. My family in Italy, Lombardia, are at the moment in quarantene at home from more than 2 weeks. The situation in Europe is still critical, I hope that in USA it will going better.

  • Cathy

    As you know, we’re in the shelter in place mode up in the Bay Area and are welcoming you and the rest of the state in joining us! I’m set up to work from home, my kidlet has been doing so for the past 2 weeks already. Been feeling heaps of anxiety about all this though, I actually laughed at something silly and it turned straight into stress tears! I’m grateful we’re all ok so far, but I worry about my 80 yo mother and my had a head cold kiddo and my postal employee boyfriend who still has to go into work. And I get angry when I see spring breakers partying by the 100s at the beach or co-workers who don’t wash their hands or non-essential companies still working with all their non-socially distancing workers because they don’t care enough about all of our friends and family to stop and help flatten the curve. Oops, thanks for letting me vent! Hope you feel better real quick and that we can get back to normal sooner rather than later. Also, yay for your folks!!

  • Elaine C. B.

    I hope you feel better soon! Funny you mentioned opera singers. One of my friends in Italy has posted several videos of a local opera singer practicing out of her balcony window. He talked to her and arranged a live video stream a couple days ago. Swoon! We are well here; got quarantined on March 9 due to confirmed exposure so today is our first day we’re allowed to leave the house again (not that we are). We are well stocked on groceries. The quarantine fairies (my coworkers and neighbors) have thus far delivered: my work computer, eggs, a ukulele, a case of beer, a legal pad and sticky notes, and a gallon of milk. With an infant in the house, we are prepared to hunker down for the long haul.

  • Gingermog

    Hi, I can’t believe that I haven’t commented on your last blog post yet, how amiss of me. The days are flying by even though we are self isolating. I’m animating on a job and tbh its very similar to self-isolation, not that I’m making light of the situation but I am chained to my computer for long hours.

    I do take breaks and go outside though and its blissful, we’ve had lovely warm weather for the season. I find listening to the bird song really calming both the morning and evening, we also have a little wren who has taken up residence in the barn and gives us a solo performance regular intervals. We leave the barn doors open so she/he can fly away but I think she likes it in here. Plenty of spiders and other insects in the main barn and I have a hunch she’s eyeing up one of Harvey’s sculptures to nest in.

    I also potter in the little garden I’m growing, attempting to begin a veggie patch from seed. I’ve begin a buckwheat starter (it was the only flour I have and the regular flours sold out in a flash… I have a sensitivity to wheat anyway but can eat a little.) I’m going to start a loaf today and see how it goes… I’m also inspired to make some soap after your IG yesterday:)

    So in between worries, I’m keeping busy enjoying nature, counting my many blessings and keeping creative with projects. I haven’t slept a full night though so my friend whose staying at my flat, posted me some of my melatonin on her once a day walk yesterday (we are allowed to go out for exercise once a day). I cant get it online as you need a Dr’s prescription for it here.

    I’m glad to hear your Mom and Dad are well and still keeping to the healthy eating plan … its harder to keep eating healthy when provisions are low. The supermarkets with online shopping here can’t keep up with the demand poor loves, the supermarket and delivery as well as the medical people are doing a wonderful brave job.

    I love the fact Elaine CB co workers brought her a ukulele as an essential… that’s on my list too ;)

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