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    Galaxy Pancakes!


    Greetings from Pancake Central! We have new pancakes to introduce today: Galaxy Pancakes!

    Actually, these are the pancakes we made on the day of Bug’s Galaxy Birthday party because duh, all things should be galaxy-related on a Galaxy Party day. You’ll notice Bug’s hair is galaxy colored and so is her shirt. She’s been wearing blue and lavender clothes since the day she got her hair colored and it has been challenging!


    Anyway! These pancakes are pretty close to our usual Garbage Pancakes except in they are made with two colors: lavender and teal and include special galaxy twinkle sprinkles! Bam!


    Aren’t they pretty?

    galaxy-pancake-eatersThe kids loved them of course. We usually eat these like dessert tacos. Spray a line of whipped cream down the middle, add some chocolate syrup, then roll it up and eat it like a taco!


    Everyone enjoyed them. Even Payam. Real men eat galaxy pancakes.


    And so does Pusheen! We made the mini Pusheens in the house special mini galaxy pancakes because that’s how we roll.