• Shop Talk,  Tis the Season

    2017 SAJ Calendar is here!


    FINALLY!! I always run a month or five behind getting this calendar thingy done but guess what?! I’m gonna give this one away for free! No more in my shop for a buck or two. I’m just putting it out there and letting you have it. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! Remember me when you need something illustrated or designed. :)

    Let me know if I made any typos (I’m sure I did. I’m a chicken with her head cut off these days.) and I’ll fix them in a few days and then re-upload the fixed copy next time I blog which I hope is soon because I have so many THINGS to share! NO, not any big news don’t worry, just regular fun family events. Like Christmas! And a new camera lens that I can’t figure out because I’m not as much of a gear-head as I wish I was. I think I need to take photography 101 again.


    So here it is! Click, Print and Calendar!

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