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Camping in the Backyard: brought to you by REI

The Tent

You may have noticed my tent in my last post about camping on Labor Day Weekend. That’s the tent I bought with my REI gift card back when I toured their store a month ago. Remember that post? Little did I know my tent would come in so handy! In the rain even!

Anyway, I took the photos below when we did a little test run in our own backyard about a month ago.

backpack supreme

I also bought that backpack with the whistle in the buckle. I figure if we go hiking I’d definitely want something loud to scare away the mountain lions. Plus Bug really liked that it had a bladder in it and I think being able to sip her own water might make it more fun for her to carry her own bag. We’ll see.

I don't know how to put up a tent! hmmmmm....

We decided to take our tent on a maiden voyage to our backyard. We do have an awesome backyard after all. We might as well enjoy it. It cools down really nice out here in the desert and I’ve been wanting to sleep outside for a while.

So we set up the tent.

Where does this go again?

That was fun. Actually, it was really easy. I love how the tent poles just snap onto the tent instead of having to thread them like the old ones. So much easier!

this should be easy

It was so easy even a five-year-old could do it. Sort of.

tah dah!

Tah dah! We were so proud of ourselves.

proud tent putter-upper

Please forgive my backyard camping hair. Actually, that seems to be my all-summer-long hair. It’s so stinkin’ hot out here I can’t stand a bit of my hair to touch my face.

Hi Mom!

we're camping in the backyard!

And then we went inside and enjoyed the peaceful evening by having a massive tickle fight.

by the moonlight


I can’t wait to take it on a real camping trip!

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  • Emilia

    My husband and I (and our dog!) love hiking and camping and we are fortunate to have a few places easily accessible. REI could help us get a new camp stove and some hiking socks, though!

  • Melisa

    We do have a small tent but, while it worked for my husband and I as newlyweds…it won’t quite work now that we are a family of 5! So, a gift card would be great!

  • Diana

    My husband and I are avid hikers and campers. We could really use a $100 REI gift card toward some more hiking socks and a couple good rain jackets (since we’re in the Pacific Northwest!). Took the pledge!

  • NAN

    nannypanpan at gmail.com

  • Allison

    We went backpacking as a family when I was a child. The earlyist one I remember I was 8 that means my younger siblings (twins) were just 3 at the time. I don’t know how my parents did it. I do know that they paid someone to take our gear out so they didn’t have to carry gear and 4 small children down the mountain.

  • Melissa

    It’s all about the summer camping hair!
    I pledge to do one more camping trip & maybe a quick hike up to Hanging Lake!

  • Lauren @ Hobo Mama

    My family (ok, my four-year-old) wants to go camping, but we have NO camping gear. We could use a tent and sleeping bags! I love the idea of backyard camping, but since we have no backyard, it might have to be indoor. :)

  • Lilia

    Your post just gave me camping fever, but fortunately we have time off in a few weeks to take care of that. My favorite part: playing Mad Libs in our tiny two-person Kelty after dousing the fire.

  • Jeanie

    We *were* a camping family until the kiddie. However as soon as the youngest is out of diapers (I really can’t imagine camping in the Florida sand and humidity with diapers.) we’ll get back out there!

  • Amy

    I would love to get my technologically inclined family out of the house and camping. It would be a great way to reconnect and detach from the hustle and bustle of our daily life.

  • Tiffany

    I might have to start in the backyard, but I’ll work my way to a camping site. I really want to do it. An REI gift card would help!

  • Maureen

    My family and I have camped many times, we are looking at buying an old trailer and a gift card would be great for some of the things I need for camping. Thank you so much!!!

  • Vicky

    I LOVE REI and am so excited to do some awesome camping and hiking. My fav hikes are ones that include breathtaking waterfalls. Can’t wait!

  • Isabel

    We love camping. We have 2 boys and have camped with them from the time they were about 3 months old. Love it. For a more comfortable nights rest get REI’s self-inflating pad to sleep on. Packs easily and is well worth the price. Besides you can’t beat REI’s guarantee.

  • Annie

    My husband and I would use it to buy a water filter for backpacking. We have a dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail and really only need a few more things before we can get started!

  • Veronica

    I pledge to camp more with the family, even if it is just in our back yard. THis gift card could help us get a tent.

  • Linda

    I’d love to go camping with my family, but we’d need a new tent so that’s what I’d use the giftcard for. Also, based on this post, I’d probably need to get an air mattress.

  • Sarah

    I grew up as a die-hard camper, too. And we only took our kids camping for the first time last year. This year we had a baby, so we did “camp-at-home” and the baby and I got to sleep inside while everyone else slept out back in our tent. They had a great time!