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Everything was all yellow


This morning I woke up and everything was yellow outside. Bethany‘s yard is surrounded by several maple trees and they decided to shed their leaves all at the same time it seems.

golden daze


Above is her back patio on Tuesday.


And here it is on Wednesday! Crazy!

Okay. Enough flipping out about fall color from me. I’m sure this is all very old hat to everyone else. But I will share some more pictures because I just can’t help myself.

more red shoes shots

long backyard

Bethany’s backyard is very long as you can see. It’s turned into a leafy wonderland to be explored by Bug and Annalie in their boots and umbrellas.

somebody has to take a picture of me

And me.

Bug in leaves




Gotta run!


  • Camels & Chocolate

    The yard is so yellow it’s almost blinding! And this is what I miss most about not living in the South anymore: We just don’t get colors like this in California. Beautiful colors, as always.

  • K

    I love your love of fall colors! I’ve lived in MD my whole life so it’s normal for me, but it’s cool to see fall through your eyes (or lens) and realize how awesome it is to experience this every year.

  • Beverley

    How gorgeous! Those would make one terrific leaf pile! Wish we would get that kind of color here in our part of Texas :)

  • Gramma

    What fond memories your yellow leaves bring back to my mind this morning! Do you know you can preserve that florious color if you press the leaves (with an iron) between two sheets of waxed paper? You’d have to staple the sheets to a notebook page, however. Thanks for remembering us with REAL leaves in your little note,

  • BeachMama

    That is one of my most favorite things about Fall. Ok, well I love Fall, but I don’t love what comes after Fall… The colours are so amazing as are the smells that come with crisp air, warm breezes and wet leaves on the ground. Enjoy it because you know what comes next…

  • s

    oh my, that is a whole lot of leaves to rake! I absolutely LOVE the picture of the girls looking teeny against the river of yellow leaves in the yard – that needs to be framed!! I love fall – the back to school supplies, the crisp air, the apples, and the leaves. of course, at my house I don’t do any of the raking or leaf-blowing so I just enjoy the color!

    I really don’t look forward to the next season of grey-crusted snow on the sides of the road. love the fluffy white but not that grey iced over sludge that remains…

  • Heidi K.

    I love that you share your wonderful fall photos with us. I live in So Cal and I often ask “Fall? What’s that? Color changing leaves?” But I absolutly LOVE the picture of the girls. What a great shoot!

  • Angela

    I love the Fall season too! Love your photos, they’re gorgeous, I especially like the one of Bug and her friend in the backyard with their umbrellas.

  • Madge

    Love it! Fish keeps talking about the Eastern fall that he misses. The leaves changing, chimney smoke in the air….

    I’ll continue grumbling through my barren Santa Ana wind infested existence. We are expecting rain this weekend though!

  • Kuky

    Bwa ha ha Heather’s comment cracked me up. The thought of raking did not even cross my mind. But of course that is why I kill all my plants. A gardener I am not.

  • JennyBean

    Bren these pics are stunning, I was looking at them at work and all the girls in the office noticed and wanted to see too! I love the pic of the girls in the “autumn wonderland”, I can imagine finding that very magical at their age.

  • Karen

    What beautiful photos!! They’re all awesome but I really love the one of the two girls with the umbrellas… that’s such a cool pic!

  • Karin

    Love these images! sooo colorful and just makes this Florida girl long for maple trees instead of palm ones :) Do you still shoot with the Canon D10? I could use some tips because i can’t seem to get such great pics from mine.