Washington D.C.



It’s not that it’s that cold here. (49 degrees fahrenheit) I just prefer to stand in the sunshine, thank you.


  • nikkapotamus

    HA! for once we have warmer weather than you! It’s 63 and rainy here in Michigan. Of course, it’s SUPPOSED to be 49 or colder now, though. Put on some warm socks, a fuzzy sweater, and think warm thoughts! I’ll send you warm vibes and hope that the sun comes back out for you!

  • DeeJay

    Wow. We hit 80 here yesterday, but they are predicting our black friday shopping temp to be right about 19. Doh!

    I need to make you a blankie!

  • mamalang

    LOL, I went to Florida in December some years ago, and I was running around in a tshirt and people had on coats and hats. It’s funny how we get used to certain things!

  • JennyBean


    When I lived in Scotland, my flatmate (also a South African) and I used to laugh at the ways South Africans acclimatise to the weather. When you first arrive in Scotland in summer, its 20C (68F) and you think “flip its cold!” But after you’ve lived there for 6 months, you’re looking at the weather forecast and you get excited if the weather’s going to get up to 10C (50F) because now, in your mind, that qualifies as a heat wave and you can wear one less layer of clothing. Funny how you get used to things. :)

  • Kuky

    Sounds cold to me! :-D We were in San Francisco yesterday. I think it was probably 55 degrees. When we were inside I kept my jacket on the entire time. And when we stepped out it was chilly enough (so I thought) that I ran to the car.

  • gingermog

    Snow promised this weekend ! Quite excited even though the temp is dropping lower and lower and I have to wear two pairs of socks to keep my tootsies warm.

  • Katie

    Lol, I love that illustration! We were at 77 degrees here in SC today, thought about heading to the beach and doing the tacky “Santa hat family pictures on the beach” thing but…. no.

  • a chris

    We’re just around freezing here (East Anglia, UK). It feels cold enough to me. On the other hand, being Canadian, I do miss snow. Even though the infrastructure here is not very good at dealing with it, and I ride a bicycle to work all year, and my house has no insulation.

    On the other, other hand, above freezing it tends to be damp here, and that feels really cold.

    I’ve seen the effect JennyBean describes in foreign labmates over the years. The ones from warm countries start out bundled up in newly-acquired bulky coats and sweaters. Some of them adjust…and when they go back home they complain about the heat.