The boxes just keep coming!

Taking pictures of my cat, Lily, in a box is nothing new. If I wasn’t so lazy I could probably find a dozen links to other pictures I’ve taken. And they’d probably be funnier pictures too. In fact, just two days ago I could have taken the funniest picture of her ever in a very small square box. What made it so funny was that she barely fit and while she was in the box, she stared straight at the wall. Her ears were turned backwards and she was listening to everything that was going on in the room, but her nose was not three inches away from the wall. What a funny cat.

What makes this picture relevant today is: because it is Christmas and because we have a new baby on the way, there has been a tide of revolving boxes coming and going every day. I’m getting to be great friends with the UPS and Fed Ex men.

What’s more fun than getting packages for Christmas? Getting twice as many packages because you are having a baby near Christmas time!!!

This baby and I are getting very very spoiled. Just today I received this from one of Toby’s clients! I’m going to be the most stylish mom around.

* * *
One little thing that has nothing to do with anything: Guess what I discovered as I waited in line at the grocery store today and read the magazines? Audry Tautou (aka Amelie and my most favorite actress EVER) is going to be inThe Davinci Code! As if I could get any more excited about this movie! They were filming it when I was in Paris AND I read the book (of course, didn’t everybody?) AND I swoon for Amelie. I will watch any movie with her in it.

People with macs can watch the trailer here.