Sad Old Chair

Have you ever seen a sadder chair? I love this chair though. I think I used to climb on it when I was little. But back then it had a pink slip cover with roses on it and a ruffly skirt. I could be wrong. I’m sure my mom will straighten me out in the comment box. Details, details. I just like to remember it as the pink rose chair. I know we had one of some sort back then.

Thanks for the slip cover advice. I may just have to look into that. The frame is still strong and there aren’t any springs that have sprung. After working my mom’s garage sale over the weekend, I got a pretty good idea of what sprung springs look like. She off-loaded a couch and a chair with springs that were completely sprung out of their under fabric for $15. I don’t know how much I could get for this chair. Probably nothing. If there’s a chair expert out there who could tell me what it is called and how old it is (if it’s even relevant) I’d love to know. It might ease my conscience when I shell out the bucks to reupholster it…or not.

Anyway… Pounce seems to like the old ratty sad chair in it’s new location. And surprisingly, Toby didn’t have a cow that I rearranged the furniture either. Maybe he’s onto me and my nesty-ness. He did scold me for lifting heavy things though. I guess I have to be more careful with my “precious package of life”.