The Lunch Bunch

The Lunch Bunch

I always wanted to be the kinda girl who had pals. You know, be part of the group or a gang or a gaggle of girls who all hung out together and had sleep overs and went to the mall and gossiped about boys together. I never really got that dynamic figured out. All through high school I always had a best friend and through her I was friends with her friends but I never had an equal friendship with the whole bunch. We’d always pair off in twos and even though I might like her friends they were “her friends” and my friends were “my friends” and we never had the whole thing figured out very well. Even still to this day I’m kinda awkward at getting my groups of friends to be friends with each other and mingle well at a party. I always find myself split between two groups and always feeling like I’m neglecting the group I’m not chatting with. I don’t know what it is about me I must like to befriend people who mix like oil and water or something.

Whatever. I should thanking my lucky stars that I can even have friends!

But the reason I bring this up lately, (meaning since I quit my corporate job) is that I have three friends who independently invite me out to lunch and where one invites me the others show up and we are always the four of us magically together! It’s like we’re a secret club or something. Like we’re the four friends on Sex and the City show except we don’t talk about sex that much, we don’t drink cosmos and we aren’t as good looking. But still we always hang out and if only two of us hang out the other two don’t feel left out. It’s the coolest group dynamic ever. Plus, they are very proactive in inviting me out. Which is very very good because if I was left to my own devices, I’d probably sit at home and rot.

So I just wanted to give you guys a shout out and say thank you! And Felix don’t you wish you wouldn’t have always put your hand in front of your face and let me take your picture because now you are the only one not pictured and you are the hottest one of the bunch! See.