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Supersize Me Sick

I just watched Supersize Me the other night. I am never going to eat at McDonald’s again. Bleaaaackhk! It didn’t help that I watched it after having a combo deal number 2 for lunch. Arrg! A whole two days later I still feel sick thinking about it. Great documentary though. I plan on giving it to everyone in my family for a Christmas gift. They’re gonna love me.

In other news: My mom is fine! She’s pretty resourceful and with a little managing here and there, she’s paid her mortgage and won’t even have to pay late fees! Thank you to everyone who sent me kind emails about her and even offered to help out. You guys amaze me sometimes with your generosity. (Where are all the crazy freaks of the web that everyone keeps warning me about? All I ever meet are nice nice nice people!) Anyway, the post wasn’t about my mom. She’s doing great. I was upset about my mother-in-law who is on another drinking binge. (Toby’s mom, not to be confused with my other mother-in-law who I went to Paris with.) But I’ve promised Toby I wouldn’t dwell on it and that means not blogging about it.