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Happy Birthday to Me!

I have fantastic pictures from the fourth of July. Not the regular joe grand finally shots of some city’s big fancy production either. No, I have pictures of renegade illegal fireworks shot at ground zero and all the snickering hooligans who are brave enough to set them off and get a ticket for them afterwards. It was CRAZY! Sparks and flares like you’ve never seen, right above your head! I’m surprised I still have my hearing.


The pictures are on Toby’s camera and Toby has to work work work… so that means getting my pictures to this blog is second or third or fourth or fifth priority and my fantastic fourth of July blog post will probably happen sometime in December IF at all. ( Along with those Paris postcards and that movie I made of Rue Mofetard.)

I’m just as bummed out as you are. Maybe even more because guess what else?

My spy camera broke. $$#@!!!%$!!!! I’ll talk about it more later after I’m not so mad about it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, Happy Birthday to Me! We are going new mom car shopping today. I have to say goodbye to my old faithful honda civic. She’s been so good to me. But alas, she’s just not made for carting a car seat around and around and Toby’s never liked her anyway. Sniff. Something about her being so low to the ground and invisible. Sigh! That’s what I liked about her. She was invisible to the cops and faster than a speeding bullet!

The good news is I’m going to sell my old loyal jalopy to my Dad and he promises not to litter up the dash with junk mail and fast food cups. He has a habit of doing that and that would just make me cry. I love my old car. She even has a MP3 player installed! My dad better appreciate that.

I just hope I love my new car as much as I love my old car. You’d think I’d be excited about getting a new car. I am! It’s just that all cars are ugly these days. I’m a pretty loyal Honda fan but all the cars out right now look like pimp mobiles to me. That leaves Volkswagen and Toyota. Toby absolutely forbids me to get any kind of SUV. That’s okay because I’m not used to driving big cars anyway. I just really really don’t want to get a soccer-mom-on-valium volvo or a mini van. No offense to any of you soccer mom’s who take valium. It’s just your car that I hate.

I had my heart set on an all red mini cooper. (Yeah! Small is the new BIG!) But then I had to go and get pregnant and worry about things like getting rear ended with a car seat in the back.

Mostly I’m excited to be spending the whole day with Toby.

I’ll keep you posted.