Slow News Day

Life is a Bore

Life is a Bore… when you’re not in Paris

Life is so boring to report now that I’m not in a foreign country. Actually today wasn’t boring at all but it wasn’t boring in a bad way, meaning things were in an upheaval in a bad way. I hate to sound like a whiner but our landlady is at it again. The good news is, our house is getting painted. Hopefully just in time for my post Paris party. The bad news is, the painters have spent the last twelve hours blasting the crap out of the walls with a water gun attached to a generator that reverberates so loud your teeth chatter. It has been impossible to concentrate all day long.

Some high points of the day were listening to Toby go off on our landlady’s answering machine and watching Lilly (the cat) try to hide in the tupperware cabinet for refuge. It’s that bad. Of course nothing bothers Pounce. (For the most accurate effect, turn up your volume to high before clicking on link.)