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    I’m such a lemming

    1/1 shoes at dawn

    You know what NaBloPoMo means to me? It doesn’t mean I need to work harder to post every day. It means I get to blog more and entertain less. I can be long and rambly and just type whatever comes to the top of my mind because you all expect this sort of dribble. Dribble dribble dribble, kind of like the drool that hangs off Baby Bug’s chin. As long as I post every day, that’s all that matters.

    November is a good month for this sort of thing. It’s the day after Halloween and everything seems so anti-climatic. There’s nothing like an endless supply of posts to read and pictures of shoes to look at! Yay! What a nice way to lull into winter slothfulness. It’s a good thing I don’t work in a cubicle anymore. I would never get any work done at all.

    Kinda like now. If you don’t count my mom job (which I do all day long), I never get my housework or freelance work done. I’m always late and I’m always forgetting something. If you are one of the people who have emailed me in the last three months and you think I’m ignoring you. I’m not. Your email is still in my inbox. I stare at it every day. I’m not writing you back yet because I want to take time to write a quality email. I’ll get to it…one of these years.

    I joke about this but actually it is quite stressful to me. I just wrote about four paragraphs about how I feel like a hamster in a wheel not getting anywhere but I deleted it because it’s nothing you haven’t heard from me already. And if I’m not going to hire a babysitter, I don’t deserve to complain about it.

    I love being a mom. I just need to get over the fact that I can’t be a super mom AND a super graphic designer AND a super housekeeper. I tried drinking coffee all day long. It didn’t work. I’ve had the same cold for three weeks. I think coffee is not good for colds.

    Next up: The trick or treat post! Wooo Hoooo!