Brenda Ponnay, author & illustrator

After spending twenty years in the graphic design business, Ponnay found herself illustrating simple concepts for her daughter. Those concepts turned out to be so helpful that she started making them into books for other parents to use with their children. Ponnay figured that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then maybe a children’s book is worth more than ten thousand nagging pleas.

Ponnay lives in Southern California with her daughter, Bug. (Not her real name.)

Ponnay’s first book, Secret Agent Josephine’s ABC’s was based on the popular flashcards she created for her daughter with the help of her community of blog commenters. Ponnay illustrated a letter a week and asked her readers for suggestions and commentary on each one. The final completed project was a well-received labor of love. The next natural step for the alphabet cards was to put them into a book that parents could read to their children or flip through easily on their phones.

Secret Agent Josephine’s Colors is a brightly illustrated book about color using alliteration on each page. From silly silver salamanders singing in the sea to wombats waving at wasps, Ponnay has captured the joy of childhood with funny, full-page illustrations.

In Secret Agent Josephine’s Numbers, Secret Agent Josephine reveals the contents of her stealthy, super-expanding spy bag as kids count to ten with spy glasses, micro-cameras, and more super-secret spy gear. Little ones will love the bright colors and big numbers, and older children (and their parents) will delight in the detailed descriptions of the spy paraphernalia.

Time to Get Ready, Bunny! was written to help Ponnay’s daughter get ready for school. Morning seemed to be a source of stress for Ponnay and her daughter so she illustrated this funny little story to help work through some of their morning frustrations.

Time for Bed, Bunny! is about a bunny getting ready for bed. Of course Bunny doesn’t want to go to bed so he thinks of everything under the sun to do besides settle down an go to sleep.

Time to Eat, Bunny! is about Bunny and his pickiness at dinner. Just like Bunny was reluctant to get ready for school and go to bed this book is all about Bunny’s odd habit of not liking to eat his dinner. Follow Bunny as he cleans up, helps his mother with the table and finally has to finish those last two bites. Kids are sure to love Bunny and all his silly facial expressions as he goes about the same things they do every day!

Who’s There, Little Hoo? Poor Little Hoo is afraid to open his door on Halloween night. Join him and his friends as they get ready for a Party!

Who’s Coming for Dinner, Little Hoo? is a fun Thanksgiving story with our favorite little owl.

Hey, Kitty Kitty! is about a little black kitty. Up, down, around and through…these easy phrases along with simple but fun illustrations will charm your littlest cat-lover.

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