Banner Up!



So you’d like to win a free banner for your blog or a graphic for your website! Yay! How fun! I’d like to help you out. I will pick one winner a month and present that winner with a free graphic.

The great thing about this contest being free is that I get to call the shots. I get to make your graphic however I want. If you want to hire me to make you a graphic, you can be as picky as you want.

However, I do charge when I’m not making things for free. I’m tricky like that. I charge a lot. Not because I deluded into thinking I’m a high and mighty designer (I’m fully aware that I’m not) but because I’m kind of a busy mom and I have other stuff to do like change diapers and play with my kid and occasionally cook dinner for my husband who works really hard so I can stay home with my daughter.

Now that I’ve brought that up I should address the fact that Toby actually gets annoyed and feels hurt and neglected when I stay up super-late working, all stressed out about a deadline. It’s almost as if me spreading myself too thin is a personal insult to his ability to provide for me or something. So I can’t work a lot. I can work a little for a lot more money. That works out for everybody.

Bla bla bla. You’re just here to get the free stuff. I understand. Below are the rules:

  1. You must read this post before entering. All of it. There might be a pop quiz.
  2. You must be interested in a banner that will stay up longer than six months. If you just need a seasonal change, I’m not your girl.
  3. You must solemnly swear not to waste my time. Promise me you’re worth losing sleep over!
  4. Email me five things about yourself. If you crack me up, you get bonus points.
  5. Include your URL so I can stalk you and decide if you really need a banner or not (because some of you have fabulous banners already and you do not need me!)

Best of Luck!

You do not need to re-enter once you’ve sent me your five things. I keep them forever or until my email box explodes. If you want to email me again every month, that’s fine. I add them to the pot and if you don’t inundate me with a thousand of them, it does up your odds–if you’re into statistics like that–which I’m not. But at the same time this drawing is subjective and if you bug me I’ll probably delete you. So don’t bug me.


Sometimes I work for lattes. If my starbucks card is low sometimes I will make a banner in exchange for a card refil so I can keep up the habit. Email me if you’re interested.