• Family Matters

    The post about Dad and his first grade class

    I finally uploaded a bunch of notes that my niece’s first grade class wrote to my dad for Christmas. They’re adorable. You should go check them out. While you’re there, say hello to my dad in his comment box. He never gets any traffic. It could be because he only updates once a year. But his heart is in the right place. You’ll make his day.

  • Paris

    Eiffel Tower All The Time!

    It’s Eiffel Tower All the Time!*

    My mother-in-law sent me this super fun Eiffel Tower lamp. You know how some people collect miniature light houses and tea towels with ducks on them? Well, it looks like I’ve started an Eiffel Tower collection. I’ve got earrings from Marilyn, a t-shirt from Pinky, a necklace from my mother-in-law (she spoils me rotton) and now this fancy lamp. I think this might be the start of something big. It comes complete with an observation deck that I happened to have an itty bitty little doll who just fits on. I love it. Viva la France!

    *as pinky says.

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