Still Busy with the Blue Pineapples


Sorry, I’ve been a little bit busy with the blue pineapples job and then I wasn’t thinking and I took on a baby sitting job and tortoise sitting job (!) and then I still wasn’t thinking and I missed an appointment or two. So I threw all thought to the wind and scheduled the world’s largest garage sale this weekend! Woo Hoo! I’m sure I’ll be posting from that very exciting event. But first I have to get all my work done which is a challenge because Pounce (the cat) keeps jumping up on my desk, playing with all my papers and stuff and generally hindering my progress. Good grief!

Blue Pineapples

I’m Seeing Blue Pineapples Today

I’m working on a project with blue pineapples and all I can think of right now are pineapples. Blog? What blog? From early this morning until late tonight I’ve been on a search for pineapples. Pineapple stamps, pineapple buttons, pineapple embellishments, pineapple clip art, pineapple magnets, pineapple calendars, pineapple tea bag tags. Oh boy…

So what am I going to make for dinner tonight? Too bad Toby doesn’t like pineapple.