Blue Pineapples

I’m Seeing Blue Pineapples Today

I’m working on a project with blue pineapples and all I can think of right now are pineapples. Blog? What blog? From early this morning until late tonight I’ve been on a search for pineapples. Pineapple stamps, pineapple buttons, pineapple embellishments, pineapple clip art, pineapple magnets, pineapple calendars, pineapple tea bag tags. Oh boy…

So what am I going to make for dinner tonight? Too bad Toby doesn’t like pineapple.

Chinatown with Jbomb

What’s more fun than taking your Chinese friend to Chinatown?

Nothing!!! She rocks the sidewalks I tell you. From Broadway to Alpine we were the silliest girls telling jokes and chasing the smells of hot garlicy pork buns. I got to ask her every question I ever wanted. From what the Mongolian BBQ Deli sign says to what all the many many boxes of paper clothes are for. I feel like the secrets of the Orient have been unlocked just for me. She is my very own personal tour guide who doesn’t make fun of me for not having a clue. Actually, I take that back. She laughs at me all the time but it is okay because I am her “tall friend with the small face”. Tall with a small face!!! Who can resist a compliment like that?

In other news: My Dad is now an author. And apparently I’m to do some illustrating for him. Chop! Chop!