waiting waiting waiting


Poor Bethany is so done being pregnant. I totally remember that feeling. She’s not in pain. Nothing is really happening other than Braxton Hicks that are a tad more irritating than anything else and the fact that the baby likes to stretch out and make everything uncomfortable. Bethany has said more than once that if only the baby would just come out already, she could finally take a full complete breath and maybe just lay down on her stomach for a minute. Oh the bliss that would be! Of course then there would be a crying baby in the mix but at this point that seems like less work, if that’s possible. Funny how that works.

Anyway we are all on pins and needles wondering if every deep intake of breath that Bethany takes could be the one. I sleep in the guest room beneath Bethany’s bedroom and every time I hear the floor boards creak, I wonder if tonight will be the night they’ll finally take a trip to the hospital. The suspense is killing me.

However! I do have a room to paint! So I better get on that.

p.s. I guess I should explain this illo. We went with Bethany to a doctor’s appointment yesterday. We got to hear the baby kick around on this monitor thing that spit out a paper reading of the baby’s heart beat. It was pretty neat at first but then they left us in the room for what seemed like forever, thus the never-ending printout from the baby monitoring machine.

Everything was all yellow


This morning I woke up and everything was yellow outside. Bethany‘s yard is surrounded by several maple trees and they decided to shed their leaves all at the same time it seems.

golden daze


Above is her back patio on Tuesday.


And here it is on Wednesday! Crazy!

Okay. Enough flipping out about fall color from me. I’m sure this is all very old hat to everyone else. But I will share some more pictures because I just can’t help myself.

more red shoes shots

long backyard

Bethany’s backyard is very long as you can see. It’s turned into a leafy wonderland to be explored by Bug and Annalie in their boots and umbrellas.

somebody has to take a picture of me

And me.

Bug in leaves




Gotta run!