Lunching in HB

Ladies who Lunch in HB

I had a lunch date with my friend Jbomb yesterday. We decided to meet in Huntington Beach. We just call it “HB” around here cause we’re “local like that”. HB used to be a lot of fun way back in the day. Toby and I used to eat at the Sugar Shack every weekend. Those were the days when I liked to walk around wearing a bikini top for a shirt. Now I’ve been replaced with the next three generations. It’s still fun though. As long as you stay out of the water since leaking sewage seems to be a problem. Ew!

Jbomb and I had a great time. We ate at a fantastic restaurant, walked up and down the pier, watched the surfers surf gigantic waves (who probably all have infections because they are soaking themselves in polluted waters) and of course shopped. Except Jbomb and I talk so much we mostly just walk. I didn’t buy a thing. Which is good for my saving-my-pennies-for-Paris-plan.

Here’s a secret about HB that you can learn from a “local” like me. More like a “yokel” but I think it’s the best thing ever when I visit. Parking is a big ol’ pain in HB. Like any beach city, every space has a meter and the tourists flock by the thousands. Everything is crowded even on a cloudy day. Pedestrians block you at every turn. So you might as well just park and walk as soon as possible.

The best deal in parking is the parking garage across the street from the theatre. (I think it’s $1.50 an hour but most of the nearby restaurants validate.) Once you’re in, go ALL the way to the top. This can be annoying if you’re stuck behind someone hell bent on getting the very first spot available. There is really no point in parking on the first three floors. They are dark and crowded and you’ll never find a spot. Go ALL the way to the top and park on the roof! No one ever parks on the roof and you’ll get a great view of the town. Best kept secret I know. I love the roof. I always spend several minutes up there just watching all the people down below. It’s great. Then, when you’re done people watching, all you have to do is ride the elevator down to main street and tah dah you’re in the middle of everything without the stress and mess.

There, you can’t say I never told you anything.

Thanks for all the FAQ’s yesterday and the day before. I’m definitely going to cover how to make a “revolving slide show”. Stay tuned. It’s very easy.

Construction Dust and Velour

Construction Dust and Velour

When you read this you will probably be reading the new and improved, though somewhat quirky, Moveable Type version of this website. Wooooo Hoooo! It’s been a long time coming. I’ve wanted to shirk off blogger since the first year I started with them but I’m such a hopeless nit wit when it comes to html and coding that I never got around to switching. Perl, CGI Scrips Wha!? So I hired Pretentious to do the transition for me. He’s been marvelous and all I have to do to pay him is buy his wife a pony! Anybody know where I can find a cheap but cute pony? I’m thinking this or this.

Other news: I bought myself a velour sweat-suit.


Yes, the fashion trend that I’ve been making fun of for the last year. I’m such a Hippocratic!!! I swore to myself that this was one lazy-woman’s fashion I wasn’t going to fall prey to. I was going to avoid it just like I avoided gladiator shoes and butterfly clips back in high school. I vowed not to join the masses wearing Juicy couture or any silly knock offs. I was so sick of seeing everyone and their cousin flouncing around in these glorified pajamas. Where I live that’s all anybody wears any more. What’s the style in that?

So what changed my mind? Hmmm…. well I guess I admit that they are flattering. I didn’t think they would be, but they somehow (as if by magic) make my butt look smaller. That was really the major deciding factor. Why I even humbled myself enough to try them on in the first place is another story.

I’ve been thinking about the twelve hour flight to Paris coming up in April. TWELVE HOURS!!!! I can barely sit still for an hour. Usually, I live in jeans but there is something about a long flight that makes even my cutest coziest jeans not as comfortable as they should be. So what I really want to wear is sweats or pajamas… yet I can’t be a complete slob because I am going to Paris after all and I’ll be flying with all those REAL French Girls. I know they will frown on my American tendency to follow a trend like a lemming but at least I’ll look like I have a small butt in my new super juicy (but not the real Juicy of course) sangria colored velour pants with fold over-waste band and a matching hooded velour jacket with pockets. Hmph.

Okay, I’m done justifying. It’s a done deal. They are comfortable and I don’t think I’ll ever take them off again.