kitten action

padding along kitten actiity

The kittens are mobile and it turns out they are very hard to photograph when they are moving around so much. They do not stay still!

In fact, the other night when we came home from a weekend at the beach and we went to the usual place in the bathroom shower where they used to live, we were totally shocked to see that they were GONE!! No kittens anywhere! I thought maybe someone stole them. Mama cat, Aqui, was there. She was pacing back and forth, acting all nervous but the kittens were no where in sight. I looked high and low and they finally showed up in Bug’s room sleeping in a pile next to some of her bedding. Silly kittens. You just never know where they are going to show up now.

coming and going

Their little legs are wobbly and they kind of splay out behind them when they walk on the slippery linoleum but that doesn’t stop them. They have a fervent curiosity and will go anywhere to see what’s to be seen.

following mama

Especially after their mama, the walking milk bar.


Where you going little asterisk butt?


You better watch out. There are scary creatures lurking about.


Zoom! Zoom!

so funny! Bug and her kitty

Bug thinks they’re a riot.

Nanny Holly

Holly doesn’t seem to mind. This morning Holly was walking down the hallway one way and a little kitten, with his tail sticking up straight in the air (all one inch of it), was walking the other. They had a stand-off for a few seconds and guess who backed up? Not the kitten. Holly did. I don’t know if it was out of respect or fear but I’m thankful she’s not the kitten-eating kind of dog. She seems to be protective of them and licks them now and then which is kind of sweet.

mew mew

Maybe they are kind of scary. Nah. They look like they are hissing in this photo but they are actually just incessantly mewing as they are wont to do when they can’t find their milk bar. Aqui likes to take little mini-vacations from them and they do not like that. But I’m not too worried about them because their bellies are so round and full. Having kittens with a built-in mother is soooo much better than bottle feeding. They are soft and fluffy and they don’t have goop in their eyes or anything funky like that. They seem to be the picture of health.


Aqui is a very good mama.

good mama


And she’s still a kitten herself!

holding "gently" kitty hugs

They’re so cute I almost don’t mind the fact that I now have to clean out a smelly cat box twice a day. But I will be glad when the kittens are grown and off in their new homes and I can let Aqui be an outside cat again.

You say tomato, I say, Would you like some?

so many tomatoes!

As you can see (by my banner and all these pictures) we are in full tomato production out here in the sticks. Tis the season! I’m surprised I haven’t turned red, I’ve been eating so many.

breakfast, lunch and dinner

For breakfast I have a bagel with cream cheese and a giant slice of tomato and then a slice of muenster cheese on top. It’s soooo delicious. I could and do eat this every day.

tis the season

Then I have a tomato sandwich for lunch. Pretty much the same thing as breakfast just minus the cream cheese and bread instead of a bagel. Mmmmmmm….I can’t believe I’m not sick of this yet.

I have them for dinner a lot too. I should post a picture here of some delicious spaghetti I’ve made with fresh tomatoes but I haven’t figured that out yet. My mom has convinced me that it is easy but I’ve yet to try it. One of these days…

tomato production

My mom canned a lot (this is only half of them) so I can make spaghetti with them even easier. It’s going to save me so much money this winter. Well, maybe not. It’s not like jars of spaghetti sauce were breaking my budget but it does make me feel super frugal and less wasteful when I see all these jars lined up so nicely in my pantry.


Tomato plants are a pretty good investment, especially if you count the water bill as therapy. Yes, I water my garden to calm my nerves. You should try it. Now you know the secret to my green thumb.





morning harvest



We’ve got them coming out our ears.

There’s only one problem.

exibit A

Somebody else likes my tomatoes.

exibit B

Somebody who doesn’t even bother to pick them.

exhibit c

They just walk by and take a big ol’ bite out of a slew of them in the middle of the night when nobody’s looking. And then they just leave them there to rot. How rude!!!


I’m talking to you Mr. Possum! You might look cute and cuddly but YOU ARE NOT!!! You are a snarling, growling, evil tomato-eating menace.

evil tomato-eating possum

Even Holly is afraid of these guys. We camped outside the other night and I thought sure that Holly would finally catch one, she barked enough. But no. Apparently Holly is a big wuss dog. Though that might be a good thing because I really don’t want to take her to the vet to get possum teeth removed from her nose. Have you heard possums growl in the dark? They are scary!!!

So does anyone know how to get rid of possums? I’ll pay you in tomatoes.

* * *

In other news: Please check out my review for REI.

Brenda and Bug do REI

We had so much fun with them!