Life’s Just Duffy

It’s hard to blog about our little trip in the Duffy with the impending birth of Whoorlito taking center stage but I must because it was super fun and I want to make sure I log it in while the memory is still fresh. That and the baby is asleep and I don’t know when I’ll get my next blog break. AND today we are going RASPBERRY picking (!) and I have to make room for that post. Hopefully I’ll get word from Whoorl before we head for the raspberry patches and far away from wifi connections.

Speaking of making room for posts…

I also have another new niece who was born during my crazy family visiting/friends visiting/baby shower week and I haven’t blogged about her yet. I’m feeling horrible about it because you know how much I love nieces and I want to make sure this latest addition to the family gets as much fan fare as all the others but I’m just waiting to hear from her mommy whether or not it’s okay to post pictures etc…. (Her mom has had some issues with weirdo stalkers in the past so I have to respect her privacy.)

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

There is nothing so fun as tooting around the harbor in a Duffy with your out of town relatives. Duffy’s are little electric boats with lots of seats, a table in the middle and a canvas roof on top. They are actually native to Newport Beach. You can read the history of them here. It costs about 80 bucks to rent them for an hour but it is totally worth it when you want to spend a lazy afternoon showing your relatives the sights. You can’t go very fast but it’s way more fun than eating seafood in an expensive restaurant and looking at the boats through the window. Especially since I don’t like seafood anyway.

Baby Bug and her cousin Emster thought is was grand.

Relatives Visit!

While you all were duking it out over bumper pads and cribs from the 70’s, (which I appreciate, by the way, and I intend to give you an update on that whole saga soon) I was out galavanting the town with Toby’s sister, brother-in-law and my little one-year-old niece, Emster. We took them to The Wedge, a local surf/body surfing spot that is famous. The surf wasn’t as high as it has been other times I’ve been there, but it was still pretty impressive.

The Wedge is a spot where the waves come in at an angle into a corner between the shore and the man-made jetty. The back wash from those waves pushes up against the incoming wave and creates massive walls of water. It’s pretty scary. People die there every year. Sometimes we can see the white caps of the waves all the way from the other side of the harbor.

We sat in the sun and watched the body surfers kamakazi themselves through a few waves and then headed back home. On our way home we hit the fun zone and took the ferry back, for kicks. We also got inspired to make a reservation to take a Duffy Boat out the next day. That’s what you do when you live around here and people come to visit you from out of town.

Next post: Baby Bug’s first ride in a Duffy Boat and LOTS of pictures…