the great bus adventure

I am the super funnest mom of the whole world. Why? Because today I decided to PUSH Baby Bug in her toy bus ALL THE WAY TO THE PARK!!!! (It’s about a half mile which would make it a whole mile round trip.) Why would I do this when the stroller works just fine? Because I’m a crazy whack job and I was bored out of my skull of the same old routine.

It was definitely not the same old routine. You get a whole new perspective on your neighborhood when you’re bent nearly in half and pushing a rattly little plastic toy over rough sidewalk and gravel. Here, let me draw you a diagram so you can see how this was done.

Yep. That’s me, bent in half with my butt crack showing for the whole world to see. These are the things you do when you’re a mom. Vanity goes out the window in order to save your sanity. You should have seen the looks I got from people passing me by in their cars.

It was fun actually. I even made a semi-lame movie (1.11 mb quicktime) of the whole debackle. Don’t be fooled by the epic music. It could be a great movie but I didn’t film very much because, as I said, I was bent in half and it was tiring! Also, I didn’t think ahead and realize that this would make a great blog post later on. So watch the movie but don’t get your hopes up for any great comic ending. It sorta just peters out.

Of course, you know what this means now. It means every other day after today, I’m going to be the most super boring mom of the whole world because we are not pushing the bus to the park ever again.

SAJ’s side of the Great Metal Detector Story

How can I possibly top Whoorl’s story? This morning I was busting at the seams to tell all about our fun adventure with the metal detectors… but then Whoorl went and made it a three part series with suspense and plot twists and sad parts that actually brought her readers to tears! Phooey! I can’t beat that.

I’ll just boggle you with the cuteness that is Baby Bug… and Wito instead! I’d post more pictures of Wito but I shared all my photos with Whoorl and I think she’s going to post all the cute collander pictures tomorrow. They are SO CUTE! Have you seen Wito’s toes?

When Wito and Baby Bug sit together, I suddenly start worrying about the size of Baby Bug’s head. She’s so little compared to him! And her head! Well, it’s big enough to house her giant brain, I guess. Poor kid. One of these days she’ll grow into her head.

So you wanna hear about the sunburn. I should have taken pictures but today was a day. As in A Day. As in it ran me over and spit me out so fast I couldn’t even pick up the camera. So I have no pictures. But believe me, the sunburn is stinging this very minute. I think my skin cells are rioting. The cells on my left shoulder are planning on looting the skin cells on the right and the cells on my forehead are throwing tomatoes. It’s just craziness. I might start molting soon.

What was I thinking going down to the beach without any sun block? Well, I wasn’t thinking obviously. I tan really easily. I’m olive skinned with a sixteenth of Native American thrown in. I rarely bother with sun block. I know this is terrible but I hate stuff on my skin. Lotion makes my skin feel like it’s trying to breath through a ziplock bag. I’m weird. I don’t wear make up (Not even lip gloss! And Whoorl is still my friend!). I do put lotion on my legs and feet but no where else. Can’t stand the stuff.

This is usually not a problem because I never go out in the sun to specifically “bake”. I take my walks in early morning or late afternoon. I think I’ve been sunburned maybe about five times in my whole entire life. So I figured a quick jaunt to the beach with Whoorl for maybe an hour or two would be fine. Just some chatting and a little fun in the sun for the beach babes. Not SIX hours with lots of trips back and forth up and down the hill. But you do what you gotta do right?

A girlfriend has to look out for her friend’s best interests. And if that means combing the sand with your fingers, looking for a shiny ring, then that’s what you do. And when your girlfriend pulls herself up by her bootstraps, wipes off the tears from her dry chapped cheeks and tells you she’s going to buy a metal detector and it’s going to be fun, then you better smile from ear to ear and make it the best adventure ever.

I know you are all sick of the lovey-dovey I-have-the-best-mom-friend-in-the-world business but I’m so proud of Whoorl. When somebody makes the best out of a situation like that and you find yourselves actually laughing and enjoying yourself, then you know you’re hanging out with someone with character. It really is true that you can tell a lot about a person by how they react under stress.

I’m only bummed that she found the silly ring in the first ten minutes she started looking for it. I missed the great find and the victory dance that followed. I almost wanted her to throw it in the sand again so we could find it again.