Moving onwards!

March and April now available

I’m so sorry guys. I never uploaded March’s calendar page. Here it is and here is April too.

I suck. Somebody remind me in the middle of April that I need to make May and June so this doesn’t keep happening.

So anyway, I’m officially feeling happier. I’m sorry you had to put up with a few moody blues posts but this is how I work through things. I know that feeling sad is totally natural but that never seems to help when I’m in the depths of it. The sun is shining, I have a new plan to get through and I’m feeling 100% happier.

Some things need to stay private but I don’t want to be totally mysterious about my ups and downs either. Many of you have emailed me and tried to encourage me. Thank you. I’m not so sad about the friends and relatives that have died recently. It’s hard watching my Grandpa grieve but this is not what has been bringing me down.

I’ve recently received some pretty brutal criticism in how I do my bookkeeping as a freelance designer and it has sort of made me feel like a failure, which I know I am not. I just don’t like math and avoid it at all costs. Which means come tax time, I am in a world of hurt. But I have plans and methods now in place and even an appointment with a real bookkeeper who will probably pay for himself in fifteen minutes(!). So I’m moving onwards! I’m a survivor and these problems are not going to get me down!

How do you guys get yourselves out of funks? Coffee? Sunshine? A swift kick in the butt?

Silly old blog.

getting all artsy on a beer bottle cap

Life has been relatively angst-free lately. That and I’ve been keeping busy. I’m only posting because I can feel the mold growing on this page. I figure I’d better put something up or you’ll all move on to bigger and brighter pastures. There are so many bigger and brighter blogs to read these days. If I weren’t so old and wise (ha ha) I’d hang up my hat and say phooey! I can’t compete. But I know it’s not about competition. I do this because when I don’t do it, I miss it. Silly old blog.

For no reason at all I’ve been thinking about turning 40.

I was looking at the photos that Angella posted of me the other day. I know they are beautiful pictures of a mother and her child but of course my vanity took over and I couldn’t see any farther than my dry frazzled hair and my hopelessly-genetic double chin. (Don’t go look. I’m not linking on purpose.) This got me to thinking about how I’ve fallen hard off the daily-walking bandwagon (must get back on that, stat) and how I’ve been sort of perturbed at my body lately. So there’s that.

But you know, I’m going to be 40 in four years. Middle age is here. I think I’m doing pretty good, considering.