We Have Heat!

I’m starting to feel silly writing about staying home every day. If it weren’t for the incredible cuteness of the baby and all my family members who need to get a peek, I’d wonder why anybody read any more. I just don’t have that many crazy adventures. (Not that I ever did, really, but that’s beside the point.)

So what’s the big news for today? Our heater got fixed yesterday!!! Hallelujah! It’s a miracle!

The saga of the heater is a long long story involving two different landlords and it’s mostly boring, so I’ll skip it. It’s been broken for about ten years. We usually just suffer when it gets cold because it only gets cold for about two weeks a year anyway. We bundle up in sweats and knitted caps and shuffle around the house from the glow of one space heater to the next. We can’t turn on too many space heaters because that blows a fuse and half of our house loses power.

Of course it’s always the half of the house that has Toby’s super computers in it that loses power. I have notes posted on the microwave saying “check with Toby first before using” because a power outage means hours and hours of frustration for Toby. It also means we’ve spent many many dollars on back up batteries for the super computers. And then the back up batteries messed with our wi-fi and that’s a long boring story too. You get the point. It’s all an ass pain. Winter sucks.

So yesterday when a repairman (who happened to be named “Roman” and he sounded a bit like Dracula when he spoke) came and fixed our heater, it was glorious. Heat! We have heat! Never mind the fact that the heater is about a million years old and they don’t even make parts for it anymore. It works! Roman installed some shiny new copper wires in it and advised me to call a gas man as soon as possible to check and make sure it’s not spewing carbon monoxide. I will do that today.

I’m hoping the fact that our windows don’t seal will save us from carbon monoxide poisoning. There is always a huge draft coming in from the two inch gap between the glass panels. So far we made it through the night. And boy, was it a cozy night! Wooo Hooo!

I forgot what it’s like to walk from room to room and not ache from being cold! Usually we have this complicated system where we only heat one room at a time. We have to prop the doors three inches from being completely closed with a slipper or a shoe to keep the cats from busting the door wide open and letting all the warm air out. We can’t close doors all the way because that would result in clawing and pawing and yowling at the door all night long and keeping us awake. You can imagine how complicated this system gets at three in the morning when I have a crying baby in one arm, boobs that leak and hurt, it’s dark and I have about fifty layers of bulky clothing on.

Last night was wonderful. I fell asleep in front of the television! This morning, even more wonderful. I could actually take the baby into the kitchen with me while I made my morning cup of Ovaltine (my new healthy alternative to hot chocolate)! My feet weren’t freezing. It wasn’t torture to lift my shirt up to nurse and hold all fifty layers of clothing up out of baby’s face with my chin. I could actually just wear one shirt. But the best part? I could choose what room to nurse her in. I didn’t have to stick to my nursing chair huddled in front of the space heater. I could actually watch tv and nurse at the same time! Life is good.


I’ve been tagged by citymama. And it’s the weekend so I guess I’ll play along. But I’m not going to tag anybody after me. I know, boo hiss… I’m not any fun. But, if you want to play, consider yourself tagged and let me know you’re playing in the comment box.

So here’s how it goes:

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Then select five people to tag and post them here.
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Then answer the questions in italics:

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Linear time… I’m so bad at this. Let me think. That would be 1995, so that would be two years after I graduated from college. I’d be working at my corporate job as a junior graphic designer, designing coupons. Oh what fun it is to type 5 point mouse type! I’d be dating Toby by now and probably trying to break up with him at least once a month, because that’s how I was back then.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

Ah ha! I can just click here and answer that one. I was spending the holidays up north and painting my sister-in-law’s nursury!

Five snacks you enjoy:
1.dark chocolate
2.apple pie
4.cheddar cheese
5.bread and butter pickles

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics: (ugh! I’m horrible at this game)
1.Happy Birthday
2.For God so Loved the World
3.Jesus Loves Me
4.The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round
5. um, I don’t know five… I’m really bad at lyrics

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1.buy a house with a washer and dryer
2.rescue several of my family members from financial problems
3.invest in real estate
4.go to Starbucks every day
5.the million would be long gone by then…

Five bad habits:
1.cracking my knuckles
2.eating too much
3.not doing math and letting that side of my brain atrophy
4.bad posture
5.speed reading

Five things you like doing:
3.walking on the beach
5.coming up with evil plans

Five things you would never wear:
1.any kind of hair clip that wasn’t tortoishell or brown
2.gladiator sandals
3.sweats with words on the butt
4.a metallic or synthetic metal looking purse
5.boots with pom poms
(Sorry to anyone who loves these wearable things. I love them too, just not on me. I would be the first to go out and buy my nieces all of the above.)

Five favorite toys:
1.spy camera
3.a wobble walker (I can’t find a link any where, it’s an old toy that you walk on, not a drink!)
4.my cat launcher gun
5.pictionary game