Road Trip to Palm Springs!


We took a road trip out to Palm Springs this past Friday. Bug and I needed some adventure and my mom and my nieces needed a day off from school. Well, my mom isn’t in school but she needed some time off from her full time job of playing Farmville all day. I swear she needs an intervention with that game.

toothy t-rex

Our first stop was the Cabazon Dinosaurs. I’d never been before so this was a real treat for me. However the wind that almost whipped my head off was not a real treat. I guess a mighty wind is better to deal with than 120 degrees of heat though.


petting a t-rex

The girls climbed around on the dinosaur claws and then we went inside the giftstore/museum to pet some freaky robot dinosaurs that growled and snarled at us. If the management wanted to, they could really make that tour scary. Add some mood lighting and haunted music and I’d be scared right out of my skin. Thankfully, it’s mostly geared to education with some gospel preaching on the side.

digging for dinosaur bones


I really like how this museum tour is interactive with dinosaur bones to dig and colored rocks to sluice. The kids had a blast. I think it was worth the five dollar admission even with the wind that tied our hair up in knots.


I think the funnest part is staging crazy photos where the dinosaurs look real. Run Little Bug! Run!

eeeeep! is there something behind me?

springtime in Dinoland

Spring in the desert is always beautiful.

in the mouth of a t-rex

steep steps

Of course we had to climb up inside the giant t-rex and sit in his mouth for a while. That was pretty fun.


By the time we were done with the dinosaurs we were famished so we drove into town and found a nice spot for a picnic.


Nothing like a yummy avocado sandwich! Except I put sprouts on my sandwich (no one else did) and I came down with food poisoning the next day. So even though this picnic was delightful I’m not remembering it that fondly now that I’ve lost ten pounds violently. But hey I fit my skinny jeans now!

playing soccer on the lawn

The weather in Palm Springs was beautiful. I’m sure it’s because they have that great big mountain to block all the wind. When we were on the other side of the mountain we were cold and wind blown but as soon as we turned the corner into town there were people all over walking around in shorts and tank tops. Funny how that works.

thrifty girls goofy

But that wasn’t the end of our road trip. We had to stop by my favorite favorite thrift store on the way out of town. I had some baby-sitting money burning in my pocket and we had a lot of fun spending it on silly hats and vintage clothes.

desert pixie


Then I went home and got really really sick! I guess things have to balance out and we had too much fun or something. The good news is I’m all better! Phew!

Girly Day

girly day

Bug and I had such a fun day yesterday. I don’t know what hit us but we decided to wake up and have a “girl’s day out.” We got dressed up—which means me throwing on a vintage sweater over my normal mom uniform of jeans and a t-shirt and her wearing every single pink thing she could find in her closet. At the same time. Then she wanted a pink bow in the middle of her head so we stole one out of my wrapping paper box and called it an outfit.


Going to the mall is not really an acceptable activity for us right now, as we are still recovering from the whole Christmas-Birthday extravaganza but we did have a few gift cards to use up so off we went anyway. I keep telling myself that it is possible for one to go walk around the mall without actually buying anything but I have yet to come home completely empty-handed or without my head filled with covetous thoughts so maybe that theory needs to be tested out a bit more.

We did use up the gift cards on a few cute things but I don’t think they were that important to our day. They definitely were fun but we had a grand old time not shopping too. We tested out some purple nail polish at Sephora, rode the carousel, walked along the fountains, had some free coffee (and parfait for her) care of the very nice people who fill up my starbucks card… and pretty much just had a really sweet day.

I can’t believe I actually have a daughter who likes to hang out with me and do girly things. And boy is she girly! You should have seen her eyes pop out of her head as she walked along the rows and rows of lipsticks in every color at the make-up counter. She wanted to try all of them. I tried to explain that little girls don’t need make-up but I don’t think she was buying it. It was like trying to tell her that little girls don’t need candy because they are already sweet. I did end up smearing a tiny bit of silver eye-shadow on her eyelids and we painted her nails purple. That made her day.

On a whim I decided to spring for a tube of bright red lipstick for myself. I’ve always admired the pop that classic red lips can add to an otherwise boring outfit. I don’t normally wear lipstick and I definitely can’t be bothered with all the mess and fuss of a daily make-up routine but I thought it might be fun to have just to wear now and then. So maybe you’ll see me sporting some MadMen lips. Hopefully I don’t ruin too many white shirts in the process.

When we got home, all spifified with my red lips and her purple nails, I wasn’t quite done being girly. Maybe it was the triple shot espresso in my latte, I don’t know… I was suddenly hit with the need to alter some of Toby’s old t-shirts that he didn’t want anymore. I’m not claiming to be a fashion designer or anything and my sewing skills leave a lot to be desired but I thought I’d share here.


Since they were guy shirts and I am NOT shaped like a guy at all (ie: narrow shoulders, short waist and giant pear hips) they fit horribly before I altered them. Ugly neckline, baggy in the shoulders, snug at the hips…just not flattering. But the fabric is soooo soft I just love wearing them. So this is what I did: I cut the neck hole bigger, chopped off the sleeves and created a tie at the bottom by cutting off two strips and sewing them together end to end and reattaching.

too sexy for my stupid photo shoot bow

I think it turned out cute. It’s not quite my vision (see below) but they are wearable.

shirt design

I kind of wish I was more clever at sewing and could have created some kind of yoke around the collar. Maybe I’ll tackle that next time.

flower detail dorktatude

I added some flowers along the neckline by using the discarded sleeve material and gathering it up into a circle. I’m not sure I like them or not. I thought they were clever at the time but then Toby came home and was not impressed so the jury is still out. It was definitely fun though. If any more old t-shirts somehow find their way into my hands, I will not be shy about cutting them up.