Blink! Blink! Blink!



We are back home and now it’s back-to-work time, which is not going so well but fortunately right before we went to London we landed this really fun Energizer Flashlight post. The deadline was super tight but the girls and I managed to learn morse code, make morse code bracelets AND pull off a sleepover photoshoot in our living room, all days before we left for London! Fun right?

Maybe I’m better under pressure? Don’t tell anyone though because I hate it!!!! I am such a mad woman when I’m trying to make the images in my head show up on camera the way I see them. Everyone around me hates it too.


But we managed! Bug is a great model since she’s been “posing” for me since before she could even talk. She doesn’t even know she is posing most of the time because my directions are muscle memory for her. (Though she has been doing this profile chin jut lately with ice cold eyes [not pictured here, maybe in the wedding post below] that I’m just not getting. I’ll just chalk it up to tweenagerhood and finding her own identity.)

But do check it out! We loved the morse code bracelets we made. I thought they’d only last a few days because they are only made with embroidery floss tied in a knot but the girls kept them on for almost a whole month! We might have to make them again with something more durable. They were quite a hit!

It’s Snot Fair! A joke book for your (inner) fifth grader. (Click to win one!)


We found out that kids are checking out my books electronically at school through this really cool subscription program called Epic. I’ve been hopelessly out of touch because I’m still in the “I like paper books” camp. You know what this means? Parents don’t buy my books. Kids do.


Because of this new found fact, I decided to write the most kiddish joke book I could. In fact, it’s all about farts and boogers and slime and guts.


Your fifth grader will love it. And your sixth grader and your three-year-old and your husband too.


It was a blast to illustrate. I constantly had to ask myself questions like: Do I really want to go there? How can I illustrate frog guts without it being completely disgusting or maybe it should be completely disgusting? What’s the best graphical way to illustrate a toilet? Seriously.


I think this is my favorite spread. I pull this one out at parties.


I put a really nice note at the back asking kids not to read it too many times because we all know what it’s like to sit in the car and be read jokes  aloud to over and over and over and over. In fact, just don’t leave this book in the car. That’s a bad idea.

But here’s the deal. I need some reviews. If you’ve already purchased this book (Thank you! You are awesome!) please go to wherever you bought it from (amazon) or (barnes and noble) and leave a review. Preferably a good one but I like honesty too so let it rip.

If you haven’t bought one you can leave a joke in the comments and I will pick one random commenter (or maybe not so random because your joke is so funny) to mail a paper copy to! If you don’t want to take your chances on winning a free book but you really really need this book for your kids or whomever for Christmas, please rush out and buy it! It helps me pays my bills and I am eternally grateful!