House-sitter reporting


I’m three days into house-sitting and today I finally broke down and sewed one seam on my quilt. I know I need to get cracking because my mom leaves on Thursday and I really need to get things moving while I have help. I’m afraid if I don’t I may never ever ever finish this.

Hi Lilly!

My mom on the other hand has sewed four pairs of pajama pants for Bug. For some reason we are always short on pajamas—maybe because I let Bug eat Nutella on her waffles every morning while she watches cartoons. She’s a messy eater and I hate doing laundry so we are always running out of clean pajamas. But not anymore! They are so cute too. I’ll try to take photos of the other sets.

testing out the quilt that will be

So anyway, house-sitting is going okay. The cats are fine and happy and I’ve not done much other than catch up on my blog reading. Tomorrow I’ll sew up the whole thing! Or not.

Operation Quilt: Day 4

so tired

I fought the quilt and the quilt won. I hate to admit defeat but Operation Quilt has to be shelved before I lose my mind. I sewed fifty-seven squares and I think it’s cost me my sanity. That’s four straight days of quilting. I hate projects that take more than two hours.

Bethany is coming home Tuesday and I don’t think I can wrap the project up that quickly. So I’m going to put it aside and finish it later—not to be confused with never. I really am going to finish this. I just need to figure out how I can squeeze three more squares out of the scraps I have left over and hopefully learn to love this fabric again.


It’s amazing how staring at something for hours on end can drive you buggy. So in order to distract myself from my crazy quilt I’m going to give away a crazy mug. Anybody want a lumpy orange mug with brown shoes and eyes? It’s free to a random commenter!

funny orange mug in a field of quilt scraps

funny orange mug

I know she’s a bit odd. Perhaps a bit of a white elephant of a mug but I think somebody out there would appreciate her. I think I’ll call her, “Orange you glad I stopped blogging about quilting.” If you want her, comment before Wednesday morning and I’ll send her to you FREE!