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    keeping it stealthy


    I’ve been doing this secret agent character thing for about ten years now and sometimes I forget how fun it is. At times it’s been a thorn in my side because it didn’t always match up with who I am. I’m a mom, I’m a graphic artist/illustrator, what does spying have to do with that? Why didn’t I pick another name for my blog? But that is what I picked way back then and now I’m known for it. It would be a shame to abandon a brand that I’ve by default worked at for so long.

    So when my neighbor stopped by with two pairs of “secret agent” glasses that she picked up at the local dollar store, I saw a glimpse of how fun this secret agent gig is for other people. It dawned on me that I really should just get into it already. In fact, now that I’m getting ready to launch a book tour and I going to visit some kindergarten classrooms and possibly a home for children (all while in costume) I should embrace this character more than ever. So I am. I’m buying a trench coat. I’m stocking up on glasses and I’m digging out my spy boots from the back of the closet.

    Keep your eyes peeled. You might just spy me spying on you in the near future.

    why'd I have to go and mess up this shot with my ugly mug?

    What I’m really thinking is, why did I have to go and ugly-up that super cute picture of some micro-spies?

    Secret Agent Boo

    They’re so into the spy thing. It kills me.

    Which brings me to my next book: Numbers! I’m slower than molasses in January but I am actually starting on it.

    page 1 of my numbers book

    page 2

    I think I’m going to need help on it. Are there any techie geeks (and I say that in admiration, not jest) out there who would like to help me with my research? I will include you in my end notes! Email me.

    me and Bug

    Over and out.

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    and other reindeer games

    I like my new hat

    I haven’t blogged in so long you probably thought I died. I bet you thought that big fat Pop-Tart haunted mansion from my last old moldy post fell on me and killed me dead. I can just see my avocado green and black striped witch tights sticking out from underneath the house like the wicked witch of the West.

    a day in the life

    Nope. I’m still alive. Some days barely.

    I have actually been buried in work, which is a good thing because I’ve finally decided to ramp up my freelance business and become an official working mom. I’m not working in an office or anything but I am rocking and rolling on some big freelance jobs. I hope to have my business website up in a week or so. I’ll share that with you when it happens. It’s pretty exciting. Not a mind-blowing design or anything but at least it will be something so my prospective clients can see what I really do. If you know anyone looking for a graphic illustrator, put the word out for me. I’ll love you forever!

    In other news, I am still in Texas! As you would expect, I’m picking up the drawl and people are starting to think I’m a local yokel. I love it here. The food, the people, the great expanses of green space…if I weren’t so attached to California, I’d move here in a heartbeat.

    on a mission

    Bug has been having a blast. She thinks she’s the OMSH family’s long-lost fourth kid. They play all sorts of crazy complicated games while I work away on my laptop in the schoolroom. I have to admit it tickles my heart to see her sneaking around with the gang, plotting elaborate spy games while armed with a pink hat, a pink puffy skirt and a Nerf gun. It’s a very refreshing sight since I’m about as sick as one can get of playing kitty and being named “Flower.”

    this is a hold up, give me all your money

    “Stick ’em up! Give me all your money!”

    What? The pink skirt and pink hat aren’t intimidating enough? (They are actually pink, not red. Forgive my poor photography.) How about that red laser beam piercing your forehead? Just kidding around. Isn’t her hat cute? Sonja made it for Bug to match mine because now that I have a new red hat Bug thinks her old blue one is just not girly enough. She loves her new hat and even though it hasn’t been a bit cold here she wears it around the house regularly.

    in the trenches

    about to bark flanking

    I know these pictures are not the best quality. That’s what I get for backlighting people and shooting in low light but I thought they told a good story. I just wanted to let you know we are still alive and kicking. Or at least Bug is. I’m sitting my butt in OMSH’s funky green office chair and cranking on freelance work.

    bandits holing up

    I hope to have more tales for you soon! In the meantime don’t miss my Bowly Bowl post (yes, I wrote an entire post about bowls) for your chance to win $100 before I close up the comments on Monday!