Day Seventeen: Going to a party without Baby Bug. Gasp!

morning coffee and slippers

If you’re looking at this then you know I am using the “post ahead” feature of blogging. I’m so thankful that there is such a feature because today is going to be a big day and I don’t think I’ll have a chance to post before midnight.

Toby and I are going to a fancy party tonight (hopefully fancy shoe shots to come tomorrow if Toby doesn’t kill me for taking pictures of my feet all the time).

Can you believe it? Toby and I are actually going out and leaving Baby Bug at home with her Gramma and Papa (my parents). I’m getting hives just thinking about it. I know most of you have left your babies long before they were two but I AM A FREAK! We do everything together ALL DAY LONG!!!! I feel like I’m betraying her if I abandon her for even a minute.

Yes, I know I am wrong. And yes, I know it is good for her to be independent but….

Will she be able to go to sleep without me? Will she wake up crying for her pacifier (“pah”) and then get scared when I’m not there to retrieve it for her? What if she cries the entire night? What if Papa decides it’s high time she learned to “cry it out” and she cries the entire night!!! And the kicker question: Will I be able to enjoy myself at this adult party without worrying about Baby Bug every minute?

Probably not. But it is supposed to be a really fun party. I’ll keep you posted.

Day Eleven: No mo’!

my floor is ugly

I HATE MY FLOOR. It is sooooo ugly*. Parquet flooring is naturally ugly but this flooring goes up the side base boards and it looks like you’re riding in a boat or a motor home. I get motion sickness just standing on it.

Other than that I have no news. I have not researched new flooring. I have not danced on it. I’ve just stared at it and marveled at it’s ability to hide dirt. I suppose that is a good thing but I’m still hating it.

Speaking of hate. This is an awful post. I cannot wait until December when Nablopomo is over. I think I should start a Nablopomo back lash. How about in the month of December we only post once. One post for the WHOLE month. That could be fun. We could call it DeBloPoMo (as in de-briefing?) or NoMoPoMo (as in No Mo! I can’t take it any mo’!!) Imagine suddenly being forced to have a real life because you CANNOT BLOG. I know I would miss it but it might be a good exercise. That one post better be a really good one.

What are your thoughts?

*It’s way uglier than this picture.